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David Warmuz: Founder of Trellian on Domaining, SEO and Keywords

Interview with SearchEngineWorlds Brett Tabke

2:36 pm on Jul 5, 2007 (gmt 0)

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David Warmuz: Founder of Trellian on Domaining, SEO, Keywords, and Conference

"There is more money in this one little room than all of AdTech or SES put together." - David Warmuz

Lane R. Ellis, SearchEngineWorld Lead Editor
By Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor, SearchEngineWorld
Video interview by Brett Tabke
Posted July 3, 2007

David Warmuz is the founder and president of Trellian, an Australian technology company specializing in Web search engine optimization (SEO), tools for helping with Web searches, eCommerce, and Web authoring applications. Last week at the Targeted Redirects And Financial Fulfillment Internet Conference (TRAFFIC) trade show Warmuz spoke with Brett Tabke, founder and CEO of the popular WebmasterWorld online forums for Web and SEO professionals, and they discussed Trellian's latest news and the current state of the SEO industry, including, among other things:

  • Keyword discovery solutions
  • Domaining
  • Finding and buying new domain names
  • The sizable amount of venture capital at the TRAFFIC conference
  • Stand-alone applications versus Web services
Interview with David Warmuz of Trellian:

Brief background information about Trellian may help in understanding this growing company.

Trellian's Sizable Array of Software and Services

The company's SEO software includes Trellian's SEO Toolkit for Web site optimization and promotion, SubmitWolf for automated Web site promotion, Priority Submit for managing search engine listings and submissions, and Global Promote, a professional Web site promotion service. The company's tools aimed at helping with Web searches include the Trellian Toolbar for searching multiple search Trellianengines, and the popular Trellian Site Spider for Web site crawling and site mapping. The company's toolbar product is available in several languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Polish and Swedish. In the area of eCommerce and Web authoring, the company offers Trellian Internet Studio, a collection of a dozen utilities including File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Web site button making programs. A Web site creation program called Trellian WebPage rounds out the company's Web authoring tools. Two of the company's most popular programs are the SEO Toolkit and the SubmitWolf package. Warmuz also operates a company called Keyword Discovery, which compiles keyword statistics from over 180 search engine sites. The company also operates both a paid inclusion service called PrioritySubmit for submitting search engine listings to more more than eight search engine sites, and a competitive intelligence service for monitoring competitor's Web sites. Founded in 1997, Trellian is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, with offices in Torrance, California in the U.S., Paris, France, and in Borås, Sweden.

The company's most popular product is SEO Toolkit, which includes the SubmitWolf automated search engine submission program, as well as the following features which are incorporated into one front-end interface:

  • Search engine rank checker
  • META tag editor
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) bid comparison function
  • Keyword manager
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Tool for analyzing the density of keywords
  • Keyword explorer
  • Utility for checking reciprocal links
  • Ranking advisor utility
  • Link popularity and saturation monitoring tool
  • Google Sitemap generator
  • Web server header-checking utility
  • Paid inclusion tool
  • Competitive intelligence function
  • Return On Investment (ROI) tool

A Chat with Trellian's David Warmuz on SEO at TRAFFIC Conference

Tabke: So, what's new at Trellian these days?

Warmuz: A whole range of new products, and we're always expanding on the keyword discovery solution - that's
growing quite well, but more so getting into the domain side.

Tabke: Now, this is your fourth or fifth TRAFFIC conference?

Warmuz: The fourth, yes.

Tabke: Now, what are these guys that are domainers doing using your service? To find new domains or keywords?Trellian Screen Shot

Warmuz: They're doing two main things. One, finding new domains, and also using our keywords to optimize their
existing domain portfolios.

Tabke: So, this is kind of an expansion of your core offering that was previously for search?

Warmuz: Yes, it was previously for search, for SEO, for SEM [Search Engine Marketing], but now we're finding that most of the domainers were
actually buying more than the SEO space.

Domain Name Buzz

Tabke: So, what's the buzz these days in domains?

Warmuz: Buy as many as you can. I think that's the number one rule at the moment, and be first out.

Tabke: You're one of the few vendors that cross over between search to domaining. How do these two industries

Warmuz: Well, this is a phenomenal industry. It's the biggest by far. There's a lot more money in this one little
room than all of AdTech or all of SES put together, and that's probably the best way to sum it up.

Tabke: There are quite a few Wall Street types walking around here. Anything new coming down the pike that you want
to talk about yet?

Warmuz: Well, I can't really disclose too much on the domain side, but we are releasing a new competitive
intelligence solution. More of a Hitwise-like type of a structure, so more of a higher-end [solution]. We'll try to give Hitwise a little run for their money.

Tabke: Where do you guys get most of your data for your services?

Warmuz: We've got a very strong user panel, predominantly from the search toolbars that we have. It's a custom
toolbar builder, and it's a fairly broad distribution range because it's available in quite a few different
languages, different regions, and anybody can create their own white label version of it.

Subscription Versus Software Model

Tabke: Now, you're service in the past was software that ran on the computer side, and now you've moved toward the
service side on the Web. How do they compare?

Warmuz: It's actually a lot better revenue model. A subscription model in comparison to a one time software sale,
so it's a different way of targeting customers, I suppose.

Tabke: How does it work for the user though ; is it better to have a service or [to be] on the desktop?

Warmuz: Some users do prefer the web-based, because they can just unsubscribe any time. So if they have one project
they want to do per month, they just get access for a month. Whereas with the software, it was a little more
expensive, so they were more inclined to use it more often.

Tabke: Do you find it's easier to update the service side?

Warmuz: Yes, definitely. It's also easier because you have software users that are still using version one, which
is ten years old, and then they come up and ask for an upgrade from version one, or [ask] why version one isn't
working any more, and they haven't downloaded any updates. Whereas online, it's an instant update.

Tabke: How is Trellian doing these days business wise?

Warmuz: Very good. Keeping us very busy.

Tabke: Now, you guys are from Perth, Australia?

Warmuz: Melbourne.

Tabke: So, you're one of the few that does the trans-Pacific flight quite often?SearchEngineWorld

Warmuz: Yes, it's a 20-hour flight to New York, so it's a long one.

Tabke: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Warmuz: Thank you.

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I didn't know there was so much going on with Trellian. Interesting interview, Brett, thanks.
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Very interesting interview.

One technical tip: you need to level out the volume between the interview and the end credits.