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DHTML Window Scrollbar functions

12:37 am on May 28, 2012 (gmt 0)

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I want to have my dhtml popup window to have a scrollbar when the image goes below the fold so that the user can scroll down in the html window instead of scrolling down the underlying window to see the rest of the image below the fold.

If this can not be done automatically, then is there a way to set the vertical scrollbar to appear when an image is more than 500 px tall?

Here is the code:

if (typeof dhtmlwindow=="undefined")
alert('ERROR: Modal Window script requires all files from "DHTML Window widget" in order to work!')

var dhtmlmodal={
veilstack: 0,
open:function(t, contenttype, contentsource, title, attr, recalonload){
var d=dhtmlwindow //reference dhtmlwindow object
this.interVeil=document.getElementById("interVeil") //Reference "veil" div
this.veilstack++ //var to keep track of how many modal windows are open right now
if (recalonload=="recal" && d.scroll_top==0)
d.addEvent(window, function(){dhtmlmodal.adjustveil()}, "load")
var t=d.open(t, contenttype, contentsource, title, attr, recalonload)
t.controls.firstChild.style.display="none" //Disable "minimize" button
t.controls.onclick=function(){dhtmlmodal.close(this._parent, true)} //OVERWRITE default control action with new one
t.show=function(){dhtmlmodal.show(this)} //OVERWRITE default t.show() method with new one
t.hide=function(){dhtmlmodal.close(this)} //OVERWRITE default t.hide() method with new one
return t

var d=dhtmlwindow
var theBody = document.getElementsByTagName("BODY")[0]
if (d.docheight > theBody.scrollHeight) {
this.docheightcomplete = d.docheight;
} else {
this.docheightcomplete = theBody.scrollHeight;
this.interVeil.style.width=d.docwidth+"px" //set up veil over page
this.interVeil.style.height=this.docheightcomplete+"px" //set up veil over page
this.interVeil.style.left=0 //Position veil over page
this.interVeil.style.top=0 //Position veil over page
this.interVeil.style.visibility="visible" //Show veil over page
this.interVeil.style.display="block" //Show veil over page

adjustveil:function(){ //function to adjust veil when window is resized
if (this.interVeil && this.interVeil.style.display=="block") //If veil is currently visible on the screen
this.loadveil() //readjust veil

closeveil:function(){ //function to close veil
if (this.veilstack==0) //if this is the only modal window visible on the screen, and being closed

close:function(t, forceclose){ //DHTML modal close function
t.contentDoc=(t.contentarea.datatype=="iframe")? window.frames["_iframe-"+t.id].document : t.contentarea //return reference to modal window DIV (or document object in the case of iframe
if (typeof forceclose!="undefined")
t.onclose=function(){return true}
if (dhtmlwindow.close(t)) //if close() returns true

} //END object declaration

document.write('<div id="interVeil"></div>')
dhtmlwindow.addEvent(window, function(){if (typeof dhtmlmodal!="undefined") dhtmlmodal.adjustveil()}, "resize")
1:04 am on May 28, 2012 (gmt 0)

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joined:July 17, 2006
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I think what I really just need is to limit the height of the window. If I do this it will fix all of my problems. What is the best way to do this?

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