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jQuery hover flicker bug with IE 7/8



4:59 pm on May 24, 2012 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

As per the thread title, I am having a small problem with IE 7/8 where by when you hover over a thumbnail, it flickers. My code is as follows:-

var intMenuFadeIn = 500;
var intMenuFadeOut = 100;

//Post Thumbnails
var intThumbActiveOp = 0.1;
var intThumbInActiveOp = 1.0;
var intFadeTime = 450;
var strThumbClass = ".attachment-post-thumbnail";

function activateThumbnails(intThumbActiveOp, intThumbInActiveOp, intFadeTime, strThumbClass)
//Hide image title
jQuery("a " + strThumbClass).attr('title', '');

//Bind effect to post thumbnails..
jQuery(window).bind("load", function() {
var activeOpacity = intThumbActiveOp,
inactiveOpacity = intThumbInActiveOp,
fadeTime = intFadeTime,
clickedClass = "selected",
thumbs = strThumbClass;

jQuery(thumbs).fadeTo(1, inactiveOpacity);

//Animate thumbnail on hover event..
//Fade into thumbnail..
jQuery(this).fadeTo(fadeTime, activeOpacity, function(){
//Display Preview Body once faded in
intId = jQuery(this).closest('div').attr('id'); //Get parent DIV ID
jQuery('#previewId' + intId.substr(6)).show();
// Only fade out if the user hasn't clicked the thumb
//Fade out of thumbnail..
jQuery(this).fadeTo(fadeTime, inactiveOpacity, function(){
//Hide Preview Body once faded out
intId = jQuery(this).closest('div').attr('id'); //Get parent DIV ID
jQuery('#previewId' + intId.substr(6)).hide();

jQuery(thumbs).click(function() {
// Remove selected class from any elements other than this
var previous = jQuery(thumbs + '.' + clickedClass).eq();
var clicked = jQuery(this);
if(clicked !== previous)
clicked.addClass(clickedClass).fadeTo(fadeTime, activeOpacity);

Please note I am laying some preview text over the hover images , and it is when the cursor is over the preview text (not the image itself) that you get the flicker in IE 7/8 only. This is illustrated by the fact the issue does not happen if there is no textual overlay.

Any help would be really much appreciated as I am on a tight deadline

Kind regards and thanks,

p.s here is my markup:

<div id="postId" class="postContainer">
<!-- Post Preview canvas -->
<div id="previewId" class='postPreview'>
<!-- Post preview Title -->
<div class="previewTitle">
some title
<!-- Post preview Body -->
<div class="previewBody">
some text body
<a href="#" class="attachment-post-thumbnail">
some thumbnail


4:59 pm on May 24, 2012 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

p.s sorry I dont know where my indendation went *blushes*

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