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Access a value in a different script

2:26 pm on Mar 10, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I am using Javascript for basic form validation on a PHP form - I have a function called change_password() called from onsubmit which is in a file called validation.js which checks if the required fields are filled in before the form is submitted. This works great.

I have now added a password strength meter by "ajaxorised" to dynamically display password strength while typing and gives a value between 0 and 32. This is done in a file called password_strength.js and this piece works fine.

Howeverm, I would also like to check the strength of the password before the user tries to submit it as part of the validation and have no idea how to pass the variable from password_strength.js to validation.js so it can do a calculation on it.

How can I check to make sure the password strength is than x as well as the three required fields being filled in?


//Change password
function change_password() {

var themessage = "You are required to complete the following fields: \n";

if (document.form.current.value=="") {
themessage = themessage + " \n Current password";
if (document.form.new1.value=="") {
themessage = themessage + " \n New password";
if (document.form.new2.value=="") {
themessage = themessage + " \n New password (confirm)";

//alert if fields are empty and cancel form submit
if (themessage == "You are required to complete the following fields: \n") {
else {
return false;


var updateStrength = function(pw) {
var strength = getStrength(pw);
var width = (100/32)*strength;
new Effect.Morph('psStrength', {style:'width:'+width+'px', duration:'0.4'});

var getStrength = function(passwd) {
intScore = 0;
if (passwd.match(/[a-z]/)) // [verified] at least one lower case letter
intScore = (intScore+1)
} if (passwd.match(/[A-Z]/)) // [verified] at least one upper case letter
intScore = (intScore+5)
if (passwd.match(/\d+/)) // [verified] at least one number
intScore = (intScore+5)
} if (passwd.match(/(\d.*\d.*\d)/)) // [verified] at least three numbers
intScore = (intScore+5)
if (passwd.match(/[!,@#$%^&*?_~]/)) // [verified] at least one special character
intScore = (intScore+5)
} if (passwd.match(/([!,@#$%^&*?_~].*[!,@#$%^&*?_~])/)) // [verified] at least two special characters
intScore = (intScore+5)
if (passwd.match(/[a-z]/) && passwd.match(/[A-Z]/)) // [verified] both upper and lower case
intScore = (intScore+2)
} if (passwd.match(/\d/) && passwd.match(/\D/)) // [verified] both letters and numbers
intScore = (intScore+2)
} // [Verified] Upper Letters, Lower Letters, numbers and special characters
if (passwd.match(/[a-z]/) && passwd.match(/[A-Z]/) && passwd.match(/\d/) && passwd.match(/[!,@#$%^&*?_~]/))
intScore = (intScore+2)
intScore = (intScore+passwd.length) // Add the length of the password to the score
if (intScore > 32)
intScore = 32
return intScore;


Relevant parts of form

<label for="new1">New password: </label>
<input class="mf" name="new1" type="password" id="myinput" onKeyUp = "updateStrength(this.value)" value="" />
<span class="field_desc"></span><span class="validate_error">*</span>

<div id = "psContainer"><div id = "psStrength"></div></div>


<div id="button-left">
<a href="#" onClick="change_password();" alt="Confirm" title="Confirm" class="button"><span class="confirm">Confirm</a>
4:10 pm on Mar 10, 2011 (gmt 0)

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It looks like you could just call getStrength with the value of the password field from within your change_password method.

var strength = getStrength(document.form.new1.value);

That would give you the strength of the field.

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