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Internal Hyperlink Mapping /single-view Visualization

hyperlink mapping, hyperlink cartography, hyperlink maps, relational db



7:36 pm on Feb 10, 2010 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Many of us know that Frontpage has a "hyperlinks" feature, which basically gives you a (extremely basic and difficult-to-view) visualization of what pages on your site link to other pages on your site, ie "internal links". I Googled the topic, and searched a ton of pages, but couldn't really find the first thing. I'm interested to find out from all of you if you know of an exceptional tool that will do 2 things:

1. Allow webmasters to create a "virtual" map of our internal hyperlinks (so that we can test out and visualize different linking arrangements between our pages; ensuring all our key pages (including keyword-rich URLs) are linked within our site; and

2. Do this from either data entered into .xls or .mdb OR after the fact, as a crawl (less helpful to me).

To give you an example of the problem, let's say I have 12 links on my Home page to our products page, and then I have 2 links from our products page back Home. Well, I have 10 versions (like I said, these are keyword-rich URLs) of my Home page. Well, when those Products page links bring them back to (new) homepages and then back out to (new) products pages, I want all my key URLs to be used, and optimally so. This is a simplification, because the permutations/math gets kinda staggering. So it would be kinda cool to find a solution where, maybe I can key in to various data entry columns all this data that I'd like to weave

I'm guessing this a relational database guru's wet dream, but I don't really have experience there, so would be great to find a ready-made tool that will allow me to achieve this.

What made me start thinking about this topic was that a lot of us have keyword-rich URLs that are designed to help our customers more easily find our sites. However, those URLs, admittedly, are not necessarily linked TO from within our sites per se. It's as if these are "incoming links only". So, my goal is to find a tool out there that will allow me to get all this organized and have ALL my URLs ultimately "linked in", or interwoven, if you will, which will make Google etc happy because they will be more "relevant" because of the linking. In brief, I'd like to find out what others here are using to get this task laid out and literally "see" all my links on a good-looking, intutively-designed single-view hyperlink map. I know if I can see it all visually represented, I'll better be able to place my links.

The "ultimate" would be to find a tool that allows me to key in all my favorite ULRs AND POSITIONS of LINKS on key pages, and suggest the OPTIMAL POSITIONS of those favorite keyword-rich URLs. Thanks for your thoughts on this issue which has really been racking my brain.


7:49 pm on Feb 10, 2010 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

This would be nice but difficult when you have too many pages. Back in the day when I was using Frontpage I found the link mapping feature to be useful but only for smaller sites as the larger ones get a little to overwhelming.


9:34 pm on Feb 10, 2010 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

That's right. Thanks.

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