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Online Javascript Editor, Good Idea?

2:39 pm on May 28, 2007 (gmt 0)

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So I was just thinking about an idea to make an online wysiwyg code editor. I then thought about how I develop in Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, and Netbeans, and how all of them have terrible javascript editors.

I don't think it would be that difficult to build an online rich text editor (using an iframe) with code completion, basic javascript features that I can't believe I havn't found editors with, things like being able to...

create a new .js file, type d on the first line, and a select list appears with "document" at the top with a description of what document means, I hit enter and document is written in bold blue text. I type "." and another drop down / select list appears with the objects/functions that inherit document, along with descriptions (again choose which object I want and hit enter for it to be written.

if I type
var x;
var y
var z;
I can turn on a basic syntax error finder which will underline the line var y for not having a semicolon (I know javascript doesn't throw an error for this, but you get the idea).

First off does anyone know of any javascript editors available for download that have these features? I imagine people would learn javascript a lot faster having all of the w3school information so quickly available.

What you guys think of this idea. I realize testing would be a little backwards because you are developing on a different server and need to upload to your local server to see how it runs, but javascript files are usually pretty small and I'm thinking it would be a time saver never needing to go back and find a letter you accidentally made lowercase and whatnot.