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Dreamweaver, testing server for scripting

How to set it up?



3:41 pm on Jul 30, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

I use Dreamweaver 8, and am attempting to set up the Testing Server for my site. The Remote settings are fine, but until I get my scripting issues solved, I would like to be able to test them on my own system with a testing server.
The combination of Dreamweaver Help Docs, Apache 2.2.2 Help Docs, and MySQL Server Help Docs, all leave me baffled.
Dreamweaver askes me to define the server model (I choose MySQL as Apache is not in the list).
1: Where is/should be my root folder for the testing server? Does it matter? Is it INSIDE the Apache or MySQL Directory, or is it/can it be my local root folder?
2: if I want to use php/MySQL scripts, do I set Apache as my testing server, and the Apache will run scripts via the MySQL application? OR do I set MySQL as the testing server and scrap the Apache all together?; and again, where is/should be the testing root folder? Seems to me, I shouldn't need BOTH Apache AND MySQL servers running to do what I am trying to do.
3: I am assuming the purpose of having a testing server on my local machine is so I can test the site as thought it were live online, WITHOUT being actually online. BUT, my browser repeatedly tells me the page is not available offline. This is weird.

All I want to do basically, is run my site and its php scripts locally, on my machine. My actual host where my site is live, uses Linux, and I have a MySQL control panel there, but don't know how to use it. HELP! :)
Thank you, anyone with input.


1:54 am on Jul 31, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Hiya all!
OK, it seems I have the testing server working locally on my machine; Apache 2.2.2.
I see that I can preview my pages and I see in the search bar on the browser "http://localhost/mypage.html" then this is running on my server right? OK..

I am going to continue this thread back in the "Server side scripting" Department, as it oughta be more on topic over there from here on, because now that the testing server seems to be functioning, I am at the meat of my current issue: Getting the form-to-email sending script to work while NOT using the Mail() function (doing my own SMTP, or so Im told).

P.S. - for anyone else trying to set up this local testing server in Dreamweaver-8 using Apache on their local WinXP machine, the site root directory is inside the Apache Installation Directory and is something like: :"Drive:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache 2.2\htdocs" and where everything after the "drive:\" is where your Apache is installed on your HD. The connection method is "local/network" and the URL prefix is "http://localhost/". (This might seem pretty basic, but the Documentation with Apache is pretty thin, and the Dreamweaver documentation spends NO time at all on the various testing servers & configurations one might be using)



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