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Dreamweaver 8

Doesn't allow local viewing of PHP files

10:03 am on Jul 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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This one has me scratching my head

Have just installed the MMStudio 8 Series - already noticed that the apps have more than doubled in size...

Anyway I think the DW installation has done something to my registry meaning I can no longer open php files on my local machine using any browser - it now prompts me to download the file or begins an infinite loop of new browser tabs (FF)

I do not us a local testing server - the ability to open pages quickly when I am tweaking the css is paramount - this functionality has been ripped from my work flow and to say I am extremely disappointed is an understatement. I have uninstalled DW8 - but the issue persists.

Does anyone know how to switch this back so the browsers render html with in the php and any server code is not executed - but simply displayed as text?

8:26 pm on July 29, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hi, firstly on DW 8 in general, i used to have lots of problems using 3 column sites built with CSS (not tables) and it rendering correctly in DW, DW 8 has answered most of these problems (still some rendering problems) so in general i find DW 8 pretty damn good when it comes to CSS rendering compared to DW 2004 MX.

Regarding your problem, what system set up do you have. WAMP or simular for windows or a seperate Linux Box?

Either way if you set up the local testing server in DW 8 and store your files within the directory of the local server (this could also be a specific location if you know a little more about the setup) you should be able to preview the site locally every time without problems. Potential problems could be if your code is written for you live web server and your local one differs, e.g. your live server is on a Linux box and your local is windows, also i get a few other problems when PHP is configured as CGI.

I know this is not the solution you requested but i hope it helps and i have used this solution for many years. I often have to develop on a windows server due to the client running PHP on a windows machine but usually can get passed most problems.