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Google Toolbar Breaks Back Button



1:12 pm on Sep 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Just a quick rant about google toolbar, does it drive anyone else up the wall?

With the launch of all this instant rubbish has anyone else noticed google toolbar breaks rule 1 of the web - Dont break the back button!

The current situation is simple, im on a page and I want to search for something using google so I type it into the toolbar, the search result come up on the page. I click one and its junk so I click the back button and wonderful im back at the webpage I was on and not the search results so have to click the toolbar search again - what a pain!

Second problem, search using the toolber click a result, the results disapear and the previous webpage appears then it loads the new page -confusing and naff!

Third problem, search using the toolbar and get results up decide to refine the search using the webpage search box, click a result and the page is junk so click back (this is the most annoying bit!) I then end up back at the page I started before i searched using the toolbar with no reference to my refined search in the toolbar. This results in typing google in the address bar to get to the proper site then trying to remember my refined search to try again.

Whoever was in charge of this programming needs the sack it is truly awful, I surely cant be the only who experiences this and it must be skewing their stats like mad?


2:17 pm on Sep 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

A quick followup to my own annoyance at this code which looks to have been done in a lunch hour, a further bug:

On a multi screen setup bring up ie in a window, search using the toolbar then drag the window from one screen to another. The search results remain on one screen while the window behind is dragged to the other screen. I havent witnessed code as bad as this from a big company since windows me!

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