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What does EU GDPR means for Adsense?

Question about GDPR and Adsense.

5:38 pm on Mar 24, 2018 (gmt 0)

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Question: What does EU GDPR means for Adsense?

Most of the Adsense income is from interest based ads. Will this be affected by the EU GDPR?
I'm concerned because today with the latest update for my Android Phone, I got asked for permission related to interest based ads. (Maybe it is because I did disable it before. This is to see the normal ads on my pages with Adsense. But I'm still concerned.)
12:25 am on Aug 5, 2018 (gmt 0)

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Please forgive me for using the term "tax dollars", when I should have used the correct currency. But as a non North American native English speaker you could not know that "tax dollars" is common term that is used and to say "tax Euros" would be correct but sound wonky. Donc, veulliez accepter mes excuse les plus sinceres (sorry no accents as I can't be bothered to switch my keyboard to French)

But if you would like to be a stickler for details that are completely irrelevant to the topic
..and the money for the budget of the EU does not come directly out of taxes (which are levied in Euros)

EU taxes are actually levied in multiple currencies, such as the GBP and to a lesser extent CHF and certainly others depending the degree of integration within the EU.

But that is besides the point.

So if all this GDPR stuff is not paid for by your tax dollars then where does the money come from? Wait... Before you answer just remember that what ever money is used to fund the GDPR bureaucracy it could be put to better use somewhere else such as reducing the your tax burden.
1:21 am on Aug 5, 2018 (gmt 0)

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My income and company taxes are very low ( much lower than they were when I lived in the UK over 30 years ago) my "cotisations" however..ouch!..I know that "tax dollars" is a common term in the USA, ( I have lived and worked in the USA ).."tax euros" would not sound wonky ( incidentally "wonky" is a more British English expression than a USA English one ) to a European..

The EU does not levy taxes in any currency..the various countries ( depending upon their degree of integration as you say ) , make a contributions ( which varies according to treaty agreements ) to the EU budget..The amount of money that has been used ( and will be used ) in connection with the GDPR is less than a hundredth of a percent of the EU budget..well less than 5cts of a Euro per EU citizen per year..not going to affect anyone's taxes at all here..

re "relevant"..it was you who brought up the subject of EU taxes not I..
A majority of the EU citizens appear to be quite happy with the EU GDPR..and as we are here..and you're not, It would probably be better if you didn't tell us Europeans how we should be spending our money ( taxes or otherwise ) , as we Europeans don't tell you how you should be spending your money ( taxes or otherwise ) in the USA..

Those in the EU who are not happy with what the EU taxes decides are able to leave and live elsewhere and be taxed there and not by the EU ( or any member countries ) ..the USA however taxes US citizens who live in the EU ( or anywhere else) ..no matter how many years it may have been since they lived in the USA..GDPR will benefit not only EU citizens, but everyone, as is evidenced by the adoption of similar laws in other countries and even some US states..the only people who do not gain, are the US mega corps who track people via the websites who run their code.and certain EU corps ( even French ones such as Criteo who tracked almost everyone worldwide* and then sold the details to anyone ) ..webmasters will have to do a little work making themselves compliant with GDPR..until the new EU cookie law comes into force, at which point a browser setting will be switchable to accept or deny cookies ( such settings exist already, but they are somewhat complex for the average user )..when this law ( which was originally scheduled to arrive at the same time as GDPR ) becomes operative..webmasters will no longer need to show the "opt out/opt in", "accept ,/ deny" notifications..

The "user" will choose such acceptance or denial themselves in their browser..webmasters outside the EU can then simply block anyone whose settings are "deny"..Most webmasters even now are doing nothing, no notification , or one that is not compliant with GDPR..that fact does not make GDPR a bad law, nor a waste of money, it merely means that most webmasters do not care to implement a law that protects the privacy of their visitors..But..apparently if such webmasters got an individual notification from Google to comply with GDPR within 7 days or lose their adsense account, the webmasters would do so in a heartbeat.
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