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HELP! Rssfeedreader stopped working.

Was working fine, then stopped, host made .htaccess_bak file?

5:38 pm on Mar 16, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hi....I don't even know how to describe this, but here goes: I own a cleaning co. I've placed and used rssFeedreader (a free php to html parser)successfully on my home page for about 3 weeks using 2 news feeds. One feed was for Yahoo! news using niche keyword cleaning and the other was same thing only used MSN news feed. I have 25 or so additional pages with tid-bits about cities we service, some info. about our business, yada, yada, on them. I started adding the rss feeds from rssfeedreader on them too. Those pages had 3 feeds: 1) An MSN news feed using the city name as a "niche keyword" 2) A Google news feed using niche keyword cleaning and 3)Another MSN news feed also using niche keyword cleaning. I did this for 2 obvious reasons: 1)Hopefully the fresh html feeds would help my SEO and 2)Provide fresh, relative content for my visitors. All worked fine (I check my homepage several x's daily and check and re-check the "city" pages upon adding the feeds) for about a week or so as I slowly added the feeds to about 10-12 pages of the 25. Suddenly, I find none of them, not even the original homepage, was loading. Sometimes I would get the top image or maybe my menu, but that was after 2-3 minutes waiting or hitting re-load several times! So, I immediately went and took off the feeds on my homepage and voila! loads up fine! So, I played around a bit, made a "test" page, and it doesn't work when I put the feed snippets in it. I then noticed that for some reason instead of just having a .htaccess file in my home directory, I now also have a .htaccess_bak file too! When I went into the original .htaccess file I noticed everything that used to be there was taken out of it EXCEPT for the original code I added that's used to parse which is given from rssfeedreader: AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html When I looked into some new file that someone (wasn't me!) created called .htaccess_bak I found all the original stuff that used to be in the .htaccess file before it was removed. So, I added the rssfeedreader code to that, but to no avail. Then I copied all the stuff back over to the .htaccess file thinking that might work, etc...it didn't. I can not for the life of me get my pages to load with the feeds. And now, my AdWords ads aren't showing in searches either (not sure if that's related or a separate problem). Does anybody here know what might have happenned? Is this a host/server problem? Did they change/add those .htaccess files? Did someone "hack in" and screw me over? Is this a rssfeedreader problem? I am lost! All I want is my pages to load with 2-3 feeds on them (maybe 2 different feeds using the same niche keyword and a 3rd feed using a different keyword). Thanks experts! Looking forward to your replies and help! Mark :)