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Java fill form thingy

2:30 am on Jun 13, 2003 (gmt 0)

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....ok, you aint allowed to post URL's here but it would have made it so much more easier to explain :(

I'll try and break this down so its sounds simpler than it is, cause right now its confusing me :(

I have 2 seperate fill out forms.

1 of the forms (which is the main one) runs as an upload script for a file database manager. It is able to send info out and upload files at the same time. Howver, the 2mb limit upload amount is causing a problem, so i am using another seperate upload script in tandem with it.

The ORIGINAL upload section of the file allowed the user to browse his HD, locate the file he/she wanted to upload then send it. Once that file was sent a 'File Sent' message appeared along with a link below it that said 'Click here to transfer download location' When the person filled that link the download location on my server was automatically filled in on the main form, so all the person had to do after that was send the main form.

Now...that was the original one, but the 2mb limit has hindered it. So i went into the files and cut out that download page that was part of the database system and replaced with with another, different one.

This new one though doesnt have that 'Click here to transfer download URL' on it once the upload has finished. So when the user has finsihed upload he/she has no way of knowing the download location to fill in that part of the form.

Is there a javascript out there that can handle that? Cause the original upload script was using java to make that happen....

3:40 am on June 13, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I am having difficulty following exactly what it is your are trying to do.

I think code speaks for itself to a large degree ;) could you perhaps post some snippets to further illustrate what you are saying?

If I am being dense sorry :) its been a loong day.

Btw, the no link policy is great though, because anyone browsing through here in the future wont have to depend on a link that 95% of the time will be down. Beautiful, well written text is what we need :)

4:07 am on June 13, 2003 (gmt 0)

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lol, yeah i know what you mean, but its trying to describe it, i dont know what the actual java code is...thats the problem :(


Imagine a feedback form...

A section of this form has a link which goes to a pop up window where the user can upload a file...

When the file is uploaded a confirmation window appears with a link below it saying 'Click here to transfer the download URL'. The user click on it, and the location of the file which has just been uploaded appears on the 'Upload Your File' section of the main fill out form...the javascript fills in that section for them.

With the file uploaded, and the javascript filling in the location of the file they just upladed the person then send the complete form.

That part above is what the original script does...its all self contained. However the actual UPLOAD script i am now using is a different one...

When the user uploads the file, a confirmation of the upload appears once its finished, but there's no 'Click here to transefer the download URL' to click on. I'm wondering if there is a way to add code to the new script, so once the upload is finished the user clan click on a link to send the download location of the new file to the main fill out form.