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Spam emails and Basmati rice

Just venting - not a particularly important thread.

4:03 am on Jan 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Alright, I know I'm asking for it by having a "mailto" anchor on almost every page on the site (making me prey for every scumbag crawler), but the level of spam emails is just too much some times. I can't automatically filter and move things to delete, because I see important emails get tagged as spam sometimes and we can't afford to lose them. But for crying out loud, at some point these low-life spammers have to be hunted down and severely beaten. Email is a wonderful thing; it makes stuff possible that never was before, but those creeps are really messing things up for everyone. We need drastic action taken before it's too late. In the first century BC, Pompey was appointed to sweep the Mediterranean clean of pirates and several months later they were gone. We need a modern-day Pompey, armed with every digital trick in the book, to do the same thing with spammers.

Secondly, I don't like Basmati rice. For years I've done quite well with long-grain, parboiled rice (usually soaked in a little warm oil before boiling). I kept hearing about this fancy rice, "Basmati". So, I got some and tried it. I'm not at all impressed. It's small, has little texture, and seems best suited to feeding to two-year old children, along with pablum. I have about 5 kilos of it and will cheerfully send it to any WW members who like the stuff and can cover the shipping. Better yet, if we can round up all the spammers, I'll put them on a life-long diet of Basmati rice, with nothing else but a little dodgy water to wash it down.

Thank you for your time, I'm done now ;-)

8:53 am on Jan 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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You make a very important point!

Basmati rice is not that nice at all ;oP


12:23 pm on Jan 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hi Stefan,

I get 10,000 to 40,000 SPAMs per *day* because my main email addresses have been in mailto links on Web sites, and in USENET postings, since about 1992.

So every low-life scum-bag low-IQ #*$!-pill-pusher has my addresses on their TOTTALY NEW CLEAN 350 BILLION LIVE ADDRESSES ALL TESTED BY HAND CD...

I have to have a nice fat SDSL pipe and a special filter *in front of* my mail server to keep the low-life managable. Also, a very big thanks to spamhaus without which I'd be lost!

No, I'm not bitter and twisted... much! B^>



PS. I like Basmati/Pilau rice, in preference to any other flavour...

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12:42 pm on Jan 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I think you must be cooking the Basmati like it was long grain - that would make it awful. Else you have bad basmati. It should never be pablum like and should have more, not less, texture than ordinary long grain.

Try it again like this.

- stir 2 cup of basmati with a little oil - about a teaspoon is enough (sesame or groundnut oil works well). Put on a hot ring and let it heat for a minute or so.
- add 3 cups of water, no more, cover with a tight fitting lid and return to the heat
- when it has come to the boil turn the heat down and let it simmer for about 5-6 mins, no more. Then turn the heat off. Leave the saucepan where it is and don't remove the lid.
- 10 minutes later it's done. Fluff and serve.

The two main things are that it needs less time to cook and less water than long grain and does really badly in methods that need you to strain the rice at the end.

Preventing spam I have no recipe for.

1:28 pm on Jan 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Well, since we're on cooking and I'm hungry...

AFAIK you're meant to rinse the B rice thoroughly before starting to cook it, but I usually don't bother since I'm a not-yet-reformed-starch-monster...

I always cook B rice to absorb all the liquid (but NOT to get like pudding rice), so usually with stock and/or tumeric and/or olive oil and/or cheese (yes, I hear the real cooks amongst you screaming about ruinning perfectly good food). In other words, a bit like a risotto without frying first...



PS. I've never tried SPAM in B rice, since it would be a waste of perfectly good pig and perfectly good rice IMHO.

1:54 am on Jan 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I get 10,000 to 40,000 SPAMs per *day*

That is absolutely incredible. I'm getting about 40-50 per day and it totally winds me up. I can only imagine what got edited out of your post ;-)

But further on the Pompey approach: It has to be the same systematic, methodical sweep of the seas to clean them out. It can't just be playing "whack-a-mole". They must be left with no place to hide. Every single little spam email must be tracked back, and then we send in a cohort or two to clean them out. We start in Siberia and move westwards, pushing fleeing bands of spammers before us until they finally drown in the Atlantic. Then, a fleet crosses, looking for any escapees en route, and we do the same thing across North and South America. Finally, we pick off the last of them in Australia, NZ, and the pacific islands. It has to be a complete and thorough slaughter.

Now, back to the rice:

Abbeyvet, I've done quite well at cooking it, I think. I've gotten it fluffy and not mushy, but it just doesn't seem to have any real "chew" to it. It's too delicate. At first, yeah, it was way overcooked 'cause I did it like long-grained, but I tried a few more times and successfully got it dry with nice separate grains. But it's still too small. They're tiny little grains of rice. The flavour, too, is almost candyish. Sweet or something. If you try having it with jerk pork or chicken, it just doesn't stand up. That said, I will have another go at it using your recipe, and thank you.

4:58 am on Jan 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

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for me basmati is the best rice

sometimes though I prefer thai sticky rice with some fruits , specially in summers.

Apart from that Basmati is the one.

A tip from me : Cook rice in as wide as possible pan, add 2.5 -3 times water and leave for some time covered after cooking

7:00 am on Jan 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

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a lesson learned from the owner of a local Indian grocery store:
there's good Basmati and bad Basmati.
you don't want the bad Basmati.

One day I was in to buy rice, samosas and a few tandoori sundries. I picked the cheapest, biggest bag of rice in the store (they have a huge selection) and brought it to the counter.

While I used to get a lot of debt spam, now I seem to be targeted by spammers recommending stocks.

The man looked at me with a kind expression and said "Sir, you don't want that Basmati. That Basmati is one we sell to the restaurants that they cook with large steamers. Making Basmati at home, you won't like it."

He proceeded to bring me back to the rice aisle, where he chose the most expensive rice they had. "This my friend is a good Basmati."

My ISP used to have really good spam protection. It filtered everything so well, only the occasional bit would slip through. The amount getting into my Inbox has increased a lot since my ISP was taken over by a larger parent company. I wonder if it's the ISP getting lazy, or the spammers getting craftier at slipping through the filters.

I detected a hard-sell coming on, something I never expected from this particular grocer (who is always kind, friendly... He once kindly translated into English the lyrics of a song from the Devdas soundtrack for my wife). I protested mildly, but allowed him to share his profound knowledge of Basmati to a willing listener.

He made an offer I couldn't refuse: He would sell me both bags of rice at a 50% discount. "You take both of them home," he continued, "You take both. You cook both Basmati separately and test them. You will see the difference."

I did just what he said. What happened? the cheap Basmati turned into a starchy mush. The grains were flabby and tasteless. It had no "fluff".

I have a new email address for personal correspondence at a new domain and I'm really protective of it. No one has it yet. Before I give it out to selected acquainances, I've drawn up a little contract I want them to sign, swearing that they won't pass it around, use it in Cc'd emails, forums, or on the Usenet. I may get around to sending it in February; you bet I'll post the text here for your amusement.

And it's not like my cooking technique was off. I've been cooking rice for ever. I swear, it was the rice, not me.

The good Basmati was light, perfect, soft without being mushy, a perfect compliment to a home made channa. The difference was night and day.

The cheap Basmati went in the garbage. The waste of money and food was justified by the valuable lesson I learned. Don't buy cheap Basmati. It is NOT all the same stuff in different packaging.

For a lovely batch of Basmati:
soak the rice in 2 parts cold water for a few minutes. Set on the stove on high until just before the pot boils. Turn to Low and let it simmer for 5 minutes, until the rice is wet but not immersed. Fluff a little, turn the heat off and cover tightly. Let the steam do the rest. Leave it covered while you prepare the rest of the meal.

My brother replies to spam. He seems to think that writing back and telling the sender "take me off your mailing list, you spammer!" will actually work. I keep telling him not to bother. I think he enjoys the opportunity to cathartize.

I like to put a pinch of cumin seed in with the rice while it's soaking, and cook the flavour right in.

Lately I've been getting spam that asks for a return receipt. So annoying.

7:07 am on Jan 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Interesting thread, but am surprised to see how many people still cook the rice in a pan. You do all know that the modern day rice cookers are pretty amazing?!

Added in:

As for spam I get thousands a day but now I just create rules in outlook and those I can identify by subject etc are just sent to the deleted folder. Takes a lot of the stress out of having to do it manually, bit like the rice cooker really!

10:42 am on Jan 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

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"take me off your mailing list, you spammer!"

Whilst you seem sure that it doesn't work, the warnings about "replying to spam makes you get more" are something I doubt. People seem to forget that spammers would rather send to another 1 billion email addresses then spend the time and effort putting the names of people who reply onto lists for that 'extra special dose' of 'punishment' spam! Not to mention that most reply addresses are fictional or otherwise incorrect. Replying with "take me off your mailing list, you spammer" could well be the best option :)

Visit Thailand

how many people still cook the rice in a pan. You do all know that the modern day rice cookers are pretty amazing?!

Pretty amazing they might by, but they're not available in most highstreets (I've seen them in London but not outside). We eat rice at home here, once a month if I'm lucky. It's just not worth buying a rice cooker for such infrequent use.

The rice is cooked in a big pyrex covered bowl in a large microwave - cooks it just fine.

It occurs to me that Jewish and Muslim persons should be outraged at the delivery of spam. This (virtual) pork product is (virtually) neither kosher nor halal and yet it is placed in the (virtual) hands of many without the least sign of respect.


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