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Oh My God!

I thought I was getting old now I have *proof*

10:29 am on Jun 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

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It's happened, without any warning.

Last night I was stood at the counter with my girlfriend ordering haddock and chips, twice. A seemingly innocuous moment. Until she calmly pointed out, without so much as a second thought, that she "thought she saw a grey hair". Sounding like some kind of sick joke (I'm 27) my pride reared up around me. I tried to laughing it off telling her not to be so bloody silly. Seeing my reaction she had no choice, within seconds she attacked the incriminating folicle and with a painful tweek she presents me with my first taste of middle age...

Sure enough, clasped between my finger tips, was a perfectly formed grey hair, basking in smug glory.

"Ha Ha" it jerked in a simpsonesque manner.

I have no retort, no weapon, the evidence was there laughing at me. I AM getting old.

I'm now fearful of other changes that occur without warning. I conceed that I'm going to start to experience similar moments. Is there any parachute advice you can give to ease those on the verge into the onset midlife? Or will it all come as a shock at the chippy?

12:55 pm on June 13, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I worked at a university. The first time I ever felt old was when I turned 34 and realized that there were students attending the school who were literally half my age.

That was compounded a few years ago when a fellow employee remarked during freshman registration, "I finally got used to the students getting younger and younger looking every year. What bothers me now is that their parents are starting to look that way too."

3:35 am on June 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I'm a young'n even for this crowd... at 19, working days and nights with college and web development..

My grey's are actually noticable enough for people to comment. But yes, started out exactly the same way: About 8 months ago, my girlfriend slighlt scoffing, plucking a pure white from my head.

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