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Dodgy Marketing Tactics

Some folks go tooo far!

3:13 pm on Dec 20, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Hi all,

I just got an invoice today from a company for $600.

I did not order the <dodgy keyword gimmick> and proceeded to get my self in the right frame of mind for a right royal row.

Rang them up and in my most insulting tone asked them which particular hallucinogenic class A's they were taking. Did they really expect me to pay $600 for something I'd not ordered?

The guy stammered out that it really was a very good deal... Big mistake, if he'd apologised I might have gone away. Destroyed the cheeky little sod. ;) Needless to say, the poor sap that caught "wilson at his worst" was left a gibbering wreck, whilst I, feel much better...

Anyone else had this sort of dodgy marketing tactic pulled on them?


4:08 pm on Dec 20, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Brutal, Nick! :) Nice, but brutal...

I dont get marketing calls - dont have a phone.
I dont get junk mail - dont give out my address.
Get spam emails - but thats life.

I tend to go postal at actual services that p!ss me off.

I moved out of a flat once and the estate agency wanted to charge us about 1k on top of our deposits for "damages" (we had made a mess, but not 2k's worth!).

They were chargin 15 quid to replace a light buld and stuff like that ("they had to hire an electrician to do it").

But, i had recently completed a law module at uni and was feeling particularly arguementative.

8 months later and a 4 inch high pile of letters and the owner (senior partner) eventually sent us all cheques for our full deposit and a letter asking me to stop sending him letters. ;)

Companies will only take so much crap off of you before they start running at a loss and decide to pay up.

Needless to say I didnt have internet access then (lots of time on my hands!).