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2nd Tier CPC Programs

2:46 pm on May 17, 2005 (gmt 0)

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The intention of this thread is to educate new advertisers that may come to this forum.

All these questions about 'are there any good cpc programs for 10 cent clicks?', and posts about did anyone ever try 'x' or 'z' cpc?

Ask yourself this question. Where do YOU search for things on the internet? When you want to know about Italian hotels or places to eat in Manhattan you go to Google, MSN and Yahoo and search correct? Ok AOL too if you are an AOL user. My point is you have never willingly gone to any other search engine in the last year correct?

People all these companies....Kanoodle, 7Search, FindWhat, Blowsearch, Eplilot, ABCSearch, #*$! (and the others' if they are still in business)...they DO NOT have distribution with Google, MSN, Yahoo and AOL. You are wasting your time and money in the end. Every once and a while you can have a good span of 2-3 days where you might make a little money. But I guarantee you within the next week you've lost all those profits and possibly a lot more. What happens when/if you have a day where you see a 500% spipke in clicks for no apparent reason? you think you'll get your money back? Hell no. You may get a credit which is worthless...because these programs are worthless.

The saying 'You Get What You Pay For' is true. And if you don't believe me, fine try these programs and find out for yourself that they do not work.

Again if you yourself does not search on these 'websites' who do you think does? And what is the likelihood that they are serious consumers :)

My apologizes if you interpret this as being negative. It's just common sense this 'game' of CPC's. When things seem too good to be true they are. Why are prices so high on Yahoo, Google, MSN? Because that is where serious shoppers are.

2:13 am on July 20, 2005 (gmt 0)

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phyllishk, I have no idea what you are on about!

What you describe is PTR - which should be stamped on and stopped ASAP.

I would hope that PTR (fraud) is dealt with properly,


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