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Is FindWhat in the contextual advertising game?

I did some testing the last 24 hours.

7:09 pm on Sep 5, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I started this thread [webmasterworld.com ] but it seems more appropriate here.

I've been testing the features of what was referenced in the other thread and concluded the following.

This thing did everything they claimed it would and is definately not scumware as it's controlled by the content owner and the content owner is paid. The results seem to come from FindWhat although the url is tcla.net. This makes me wonder if FindWhat quietly entered into the contextual advertising game?

I'll list the cons first:

  • I noticed the words were sometimes enhanced in my existing links. The easy fix was just to remove those words from my list of keywords on the page that it was happening.
  • Works with IE but didn't work with my Mozilla so there might be others but I guess it's not that bad since the majority use IE anyway.

    There are quite a few pros such as the newsletter enhancements and contextual islands, but I'll just list these that I thought were very interesting:

  • Automatically picked up on my site look and feel.
    I tried to confuse it by putting keywords that were not on a page and it ignored them even without a spider.
  • It worked on pages that a normal spider cannot get to such as ones where my test site users need to log onto.
  • It really does pick up on content changes instantly and sends a spider but that didn't happen until I was accepted.
  • When it didn't work with Mozilla it just did nothing which is great from the users point of view and I'm assuming would prevent all the problems like we saw with AdSense last night.
  • NO PSA's.
  • Seems reasonable to assume that if the same content owners that use the AdSense service use this as well then the quality of traffic will be the same which in this case is a good thing for FindWhat.

    I also have to wonder about the spider issue. I'm just a geek at heart so this interests me more than the economics. If it knows exactly when to spider and when not to spider will they make the index available for searching? If they do does that mean they will be the most up to date index out there since Google takes hours or days with the media bot and doesn't update their main index with what it finds?

  • 9:53 pm on Sept 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

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    Actually what they call a "smart spider" is no spider at all. they basically client side "spider" using javascript. Then the simply pass the words back for linking, and the server sorts out picking the ads.


    10:55 pm on Sept 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

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    killroy - It was a while ago that I posted that and did some more checking since then ;-) It seems they don't actually pass the words. What I saw happening seemed to be a number being sent back with the request for an ad. When I did some more testing the number changed when I made changes to the content then a spider actually did show up. That must be how they can not ever have any lag time like the other companies do when content changes and they don't have to have a spider camp out just in case content changes. Very efficient IMHO.

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