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Anyone using Chikita with <10,000 impressions/month?

Is it more of a guideline, or do they not wants sites starting up?



3:26 pm on Apr 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

I've been building my websites up for the past two or three months. Traffic is finally getting to the point where it's decent ... about 5,000 page impressions a month across a handful of sites (i.e.: I wouldn't need to take off my shoes to count them all).

Several of my sites are technology-gadget focused ... so I'm very curious about the possibilities of Chikita e-minimalls. However, when I looked into the signup - they really seemed to be strongly suggesting that you have 10,000 page impressions a month.

I know that's chump change for a lot of you pros out there - but given that I just started up all of my sites at the first of the year, it's exciting to me to be halfway there.

So my question is this -- is Chikita's suggestion just a guideline, or do they really *not* want any sites that are starting out and haven't gotten the traffic up to their specifications yet? Having lived in fear of the AdSense police - and the draconian and permanent cancellations they give out - I would hate to sign up for Chikita, have it get me a few clicks and be doing ok, and then get canned since I'm not up to 10,000 impressions per month and never ever be able to use their service again.

So, if I have to wait ... I can. But I could profit from my site better if I could have another income source on there - perhaps even start to use AdWords campaigns to drive traffic up further. But I don't want to get myself into any sort of permanent deletion situation ....



9:05 am on Apr 22, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

I've just signed-up to Chitika and although my site gets 40-50k page imps per month, the pages that I've put Chitika on maybe won't add up to 10k.

I really don't think they're too worried and don't seem as uptight as G. I'm not sure they're of the size that can afford too much bad publicity amongst smaller publishers.

You can always say you're in an sudden and unexpected slump ;-)


10:44 pm on Apr 22, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

I am signed up with chikita and I get way below the 10k. I even told them this on the application. Haven't been contacted by them about a low amount of impressions.


4:47 am on Apr 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Great -- thanks for the responses. I'm doing a complete layout redesign right now anyway, so this is the perfect time to throw another advertiser in the mix!

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