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bad traffic now?



1:30 am on Jan 31, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Has anybody else noticed a 0% ROI with 7search recently?


11:58 pm on Feb 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

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there are two of these posts, and editing One changes the other, lol, so having to leave the mods fix it. Hope they let the post stand.
- - -
don't know if this post will last, but will try it, as people have the right to know.

this should open some eyes on ppc, Period, never mind Just 7search.

join [url removed]

you'll be Absolutely Amazed at the shear Scope of the problem. This is but one of Hundreds of ptr sites, very near to now 2k in membership, Nothing under 1 full cent per search, and that is big money in the ptr biz.

You need to select your 'interest' catagories carefully, look for 'search' or 'domain for sale', that's where you will get the paid emails from, and from those, you can draw your Own Conclusions.
You should recieve appx 20 search mails per day, 80% of them will be called 'domains for sale', they are search portal pages. You will once in about 4 days or so, recieve a non search mail, this company Exists to earn from the ppc industry, like 99% of all ptr sites, there are but few exceptions.
I can post literally Hundreds of these things. ppc clicks in the paid to read biz, are in the hundreds of thousands per month. NO ppc company is left out.

talking about '7search' is actually of little value, as I would strongly assert to their advertisers, like All ppc companies, your traffic from 'them' is but a drop in the bucket. Your traffic from 'them', is coming from their 'partners', and that is where your budgets go.

Whether one ppc company or another, is or is Not 'Aware' of their ptr traffic, is actually Irrelevent to Your Budgets.
You are either paying for paid to click on your bids traffic, or you are Not.
The way for you to Find Out, is to Look.
- - -
Edited yet again: sorry forgot to mention what you need to do to 'see' the ppc companies feeding the ptr sites, via these engines/domain parkers:
-just right-click on the keywords in the directories, and choose Properties. Not allways, but in Enough cases, you will Clearly See who is feeding the bids to them.

The site I mentioned above, is being currently fed by 4 prominant ppc companies, you'll all be familiar with. The rest, are so encripted that you cannot easily tell who they are being fed by for those, but you will gain a wealth of info from this one site, with just 2 days effort.

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12:45 am on Feb 20, 2006 (gmt 0)

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oh what's the use, that's only gonna get me banned...
anyways, they deleted the name of the site where you 'could have' Looked. sad really.
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