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GoClick/FindWhat audience intersection

Does they use the same traffic sources

12:59 pm on May 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

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At this moment I use FindWhat, but thinking about advertising on GoClick.
Does they use the same traffic sources? What is the audience intersection percentage?
10:20 pm on May 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

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If you have a small cat trying to cross a single lane highway, and All of goclicks' Traffic barreling down on the cat, Put your Money on the Cat.

Having Said That, they were pretty clean of paidtoreademail traffic, last I checked them, which, of course, is why they have so little traffic, in comparison to the other 2nd tiers.

Trick with goclick, (like Most 2nd tiers), is this:

Don't Bid Too High! There's a 'cutoff' or 'threshold'. Forget what they call it, but if you get into the 'range', you'll have your bids passed off to their Partnered 2nd tiers, and the ptr biz will Grind up your cash in Lightning Speed, with nothing in the way of a sign of life to your site.

At GoClick, shoot for about 3 - 5 clicks per week, per keyword phrase. If you are getting More than that, you are Probably throwing money down the drain, which pours out Directly into the paid to read biz.

On another note, for 'residual' stuff, you can Also, Outbid your competitors at goclick quite safely, if you're willing to do the preliminary 'scouting' work.
basically, consists of Knowing, and Scanning the top 30 - 40 two bit 3rd tiers, sending the bulk of the 2nd tier traffic that month, via the ptr biz. Once you isolate them, all you need do, is Search, rofl, Their portal page Directories, for Your Keywords. If you Find One, Kan it, for a more Complex, 2 or 3 word phrase. Repeat the process until all are clean, then place bids, Higher than your competitors.
*(although this system is Sound, for the Entire 2nd tier lineup, GoClick appears about the Cleanest of the ptr traffic to Start with, so I'd suggest Starting with GoClick).
-If a goclick competitor, goes Over You, they will go over that threshold, and the other 2nd tiers will grind their budget to Bits for you in no time, and you'll have the top slot back, as soon as they notice what's happened, or their budget runs out.

If you need More in the way of traffic, poor though it's going to be, I'd suggest it's far Cheaper for you to take a lower slot at findwhat or kanoodle or one of the others, as you have to pay too high a price at goclick to get 'transfered', or as I term it, cross-fed.

good luck.