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hey Google - don't auto-update my toolbar!

auto-patching software is a big no-no

1:43 am on Aug 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I was quite thrown when my Google toolbar suddenly sprouted new buttons and options!

Seems with the new toolbar going from beta to final they decided to push it onto all desktops.

Don't do this Google! Huge no-no! Can't you see all the flak Microsoft is taking for their automatic system update proposal? Don't touch my system without a warning and the ability to opt-out!

I was so surprised a company like Google would do an action like that. Very un-Google like.

I liked the old toolbar and I don't need any features in the new one. The old toolbar had a more compact layout since the search web button was integrated.

Now I have to rip out the v2 and reinstall the old one while blocking the auto-update.

10:29 pm on Aug 27, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I'm late to this conversation, but thought I'd share this.

Everyone has been talking about how their Toolbar has automatically updated, but mine hasn't and I wasn't sure why.
In my 'dial-up networking monitor' (yes, I still have a dial up connection) I have checked the box for 'Play a sound' 'when data is sent or received'. That way I can monitor a little better when something might be going on when I don't want it to. Especially now with that new worm. The past few days I've heard that light, beeping noise when I know I wasn't doing anything to cause it. Each time it happens I go to Zone Alarm and stop all internet activity.

It happened again a few minutes ago, so I checked the alert on Zone Alarm and this is what it said:

'Internet Explorer tried to receive data from the Internet (, but was denied access by the Internet Lock.'

I thought that IP sounded familiar, so I checked and sure enough, its the toolbar 2.0 page! I guess that's why mine hasn't upgraded!

I'm sure Google means no harm by it, but it does cause my heart to pound a bit when I can tell there is some sort of uploading or downloading going on that I didn't initiate.

4:35 am on Aug 28, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Well just to add to the discussion ... mine just got updated ... I dont run it often, only when I need it .. while it was on and active it seems it did it itself ....

I dont like that ....

Google as an organisation has done plenty of things in the last year or so that evidence that just like most other organisations on the planet they dont always get things 100% right first time.

So if their remote unrequested update to code on my computer had / has caused any conflicts with other things on my machine my only option will be to uninstall their code as much as I can and hope that they did not overwrite some element which affects something of importance to me.

I think its a bad policy and its reminiscent of another computer company which does not get my respect for its business ethics.

just my 2p.

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