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meta tags ? help required !



4:39 pm on Nov 22, 2000 (gmt 0)

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i would consider myself quite a godd web designer im experienced in javascript java perl and html but cant get many hits out of those search engines so im coming to ask all you web wizards to help me out :) and design me some meta tags, my sites a site that cover aspect of web design and covers html, javascript layouts graphics and all the other ****.

thank you so much dudes.
oh 1 more question how long is your tial lengh and keywords + discription.

thanx again !

7:16 pm on Nov 22, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Hi littlewebwizard...

Check this post out, it has a lot of valuable information:


Also, I would reccommend that you begin by composing your keyword list. Start by brainstorming all relevant keywords, then choose about 10 keywords that you wish to target. Once you have this list, then you can start thinking about composing the meta tags. However, as you will read in other threads, meta tags are not very important any more. Instead, focus on other factors such as link popularity and themes.

Hope this helps.


9:17 pm on Dec 20, 2000 (gmt 0)

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I was poking around the search engines today and also noticed the meta tags in many pages were way off or didn't include the keyword phrase at all.

The <TITLE> *does* seem to be important. I have been hearing from all sort of sources that themes are *IN*! How the heck these spiders can really determine a Theme is beyond me. Some of our customers sites would be difficult to figure out because of the nature of the business.


8:14 am on Jan 4, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I've been researching google in particular for 100 keyword phrases, and I've noticed a recurring theme around pages ranking 1-3 for all the particular key phrases I've been researching. I concentrate primarily on key phrases, because these are much easier to gain placement with and bring in much more qualified, targeted traffic.

1) domain name (related to keyphrase)
2) keyphrase page title
3) keyphrase page name
4) keyphrase links placed high in page

For example, using the term " internet marketing" for example, this type of page wo seems to rank well (considering your domain name isn't internetmarketing, internet-marketing, or internet-marketing-now)

2) internet marketing facts
3) internet-marketing.html
4) links...internet marketing facts, internet marketing news, etc

This is probably old school news, but this is based on about 20 hours of actual research the last three days, not mere conjecture. I only found about 5 out of 150 high ranking sites using obvious cloaking and only 2 using no cache tags.

I have no idea if link popularity would totally skewer these results, but I tend to doubt it.

8:48 am on Jan 4, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I've been noticing similar things. Occasionally I see a search result or a referal that lets me know that themes and inbound links do matter to Google. But your 1 to 4 list of SEO basics still seems to carry a whole lot of weight.

When trying to understand search returns on Google, I find it's worth checking inbound links from ODP for their influence. That directory seems to be the strongest influence of themes and link pop I can notice -- Google even returns the ODP description if it's present. ODP seems lots more important than the mere number of links.

However, I have little doubt that on-page criteria still mean a whole lot to Google.