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PLEASE help me decide on a website name!

Is domain name important in search optimisation?

12:09 pm on Aug 9, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Hi all, I hope you can help me!

I've had a small business on Ebay for a few months, and I've decided to combine that with an external website. I am in the process of deciding on a domain name.

I realise the biggest issue is getting shoppers in the virtual door, and I am torn between using a clever, interesting name - OR - a domain/business name that is just a simple (and a bit boring) sequence of highly ranked search keywords.

I would like to know whether anyone here is aware of the benefits of using highly-searched-keyword-domain-names...! Is having a website with this sort of name a real advantage in drawing traffic? Or not so much?

The keywords I had in mind were found using the "Overture" link I from a discussion on this site, thanks. Is that an accurate tool?

Thanks a heap in advance
Naomi x

9:02 am on Aug 17, 2005 (gmt 0)

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luckychucky, very sound advice.
7:21 am on Aug 21, 2005 (gmt 0)

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From my experience, (5 years e retailing) it helps to have something simple for a domain name that customers and search engines can easily recognize as referring to the business you are in. It helps, if you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else out there selling "x widgets" to try for and to build over time, brand recognition, even if not wanting an empire in that aspect.

Combine in your business name a brand and a plain description of what you are selling: '"KidsRUs" children clothes,' use that (the brand and the product you are selling) in your domain name, and in the META TAGs title of your website, and the META TAG description of your website. This helps with most search engines, and then sprinkle the words kids clothes or childrens clothes liberally throughout your opening home page.

Although, God knows, what the search engines want and will spider and rank highly, changes almost weekly, that will help. It's a good bet. It worked long ago for me in getting #1 on Google and #1 - 3 on almost every other major search engine, and it still works, for me. I'm still there.

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