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Meta key word for Altavista



9:02 am on Mar 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi I am new usr. I am studying about how I can create Meta keywords for Altavista.
I knew that when I create doorway page I should use one key word per a web page.
Could you tell me this is correct or not. My key word " silk exporter "

1. <Title> Thai silk exporter </title>
<Meta name="keywords" content="silk exporter, SILK EXPORTER, Silk Exporter">
1.1 At title, should I use " big capital or small capital" and " should I use "s" or not"
" Thai silk exporter" or
" Thailand silk exporter" or
" thai silk exporter" or
" thailand silk exporter" or
" Thai silk exporters" or
" Thailand silk exporters"
" thai silk exporters"
" thailand silk exporters"
1.2 If I write Meta keyword same as above, is it Spam?
1.3 Does Atavista see the words " silk exporter, SILK EXPORTER, Silk Exporter" the same or different.

2. <Title> Thai silk exporter</Title>
<Meta name="key words" content= thai silk exporter, siam silk exporter, silk exporter portal"
2.1 Which one is better between the example No.1 and No.2?

10:35 am on Mar 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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welcome to WmW mai!

Alta is a theme based algo.

you want your main keyword to be 'silk exporter' followed by 4/5 related words/phrases.
Alta will display dif results for keywords in CAPS.

Also, you might want to have a better title..
concentrate on your description..
and most NB... your content.
remember .. stay on theme.

do a search on alta to see the descriptions and titles for 'silk exporter' to get an idea of what 'better' means.

10:50 am on Mar 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Alta Vista has a lot to say on their own pages about what helps you and what doesn't. Here's their page about the META tags:


If you follow the rest of the links on the left of that page, you can pick up a lot of information. You will read that they don't pay much attention to the META keywords tag any more because of spammers abusing it.

"Many webmasters think that by using "keyword" METAtags, they are getting some advantage in the ranking or making up for the fact that their pages have very little text content, just flashy effects. But, those words are worth little more than any other word in the main text of the page. There is nothing "key" about it. You have simply added a few more words to the page in a place that is not visible."
8:36 pm on Mar 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi Mai,

You can also use the "search" feature to find related info. on this subject. On the top left hand corner you can find the link to the "site search"...or here:

You can find a lot of useful information through this tool.

Good luck!

10:05 pm on Mar 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi Mai,

The AV help section is definitely the best place to get a good understanding of what criteria they use to rank a site.

However, they do on occasions include info that can be a bit misleading.


"The purpose of the "keyword" METAtag is simply to allow you to add synonyms -- words that are appropriate for what's on your page -- that describe what's there but that do not actually appear on that page. One of the best uses for "keyword" METAtags is for foreign translations of the main words on your page, so, for instance, somebody searching in French will find that page."

Unless your synonyms and/or misspellings are extremely unique, and AV has no other pages in their index that contain these words in the title or top of the page, you have virtually zero chances of showing up for them.

For example, if you do a search on AV for a term like "leather cap" you will find that although all of the top sites returned contain the word "hat" in their meta tags, none of them show up for a search on "leather hat." Although the two words are synonymous, AV will not return any synonym matches until it has exhausted all pages containing an exact or partial phrase match.

That makes the whole effort involved fairly useless. It usually won't hurt to add keyword tags, but plenty of pages rank well at AV that don't have any keyword tags at all.