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HELP! How much should I charge for my SEO services?

a question - how much to cahrge for seo



4:50 pm on Dec 18, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Hello everybody!

That would be great if I can get an answer for my question.

The thing is that I am a seo, but as I am not from the US, I was working with the regional clients, and never worked with Google or MSN, etc.

But now as I wanna dive into REAL business and make life more exciting, I wanna start seo for the US clients too.

So, there's one site I can work with, but before I start, I need to decide - how much money to charge?
I know that I don't have experience in Google and etc., but as I have general seo knowledge, I am sure, that won't be too hard for me to study and show results.

1. HOW MUCH TO CHARGE for a site with the medium competence keywords?

2. HOW MUCH TIME does it usually take to provide good results?
(2-3 months? more?)

3. What is the usual maintenance fee? (a month)

I wanna thank everyone, who can answer my questions.

Best regards,

10:49 pm on Dec 18, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Welcome Sky7!

That's a hard one to say. The real answer should be how much is it worth to the client but these days everyone expects everything for nothing or as a close as.

I currently have 24 sites I SEO for and I charge each <Price deleted by self> per month which I think is a great price because I have almost all of them at number 1 for the keywords they wanted.

As for timescale that all depends on how much effort you have already put in with other sites. I'll try to explain:

I have a huge number of sites I run. One of them is updated daily so SE's cache it often because it's updated often. If I add a new site onto that page it is normally indexed within a day or two, sometimes quicker. I also have 3 dozen PR5 and PR6 web sites that I also link to it. The result is almost instant nice PR web site and goes straight in on the search engines normally page 2 to 7 to start with.

Next comes link exchanges. If it hasn't already got to page 1 it will do after 4 to 8 weeks of constant link trading and a couple of other tricks I can't mention.

I spend 2 hours a day, 7 days a week link trading those 24 web sites. I can normally get 150 links the first day and then over the next two months take that up to around 500 links. By that time it is well crawled, nicely PR'd and established enough to be at the top or near the top.

What I don't promise is great rankings for 1 word searches like "holiday" but will get them to or near the top for something like "holidays in <country>" or "camping in <county>" etc etc.

I have spent 6 years building up these sites so I have a firm and solid base to start new sites with.

SEO is not an easy game and you can't afford to take risks. I manage just over 100 web sites and not a single one was affected by the Flordia update. I don't cheat the system but I push as far as I think I can get away with and so far I've got that happy medium.

If you're starting off with no background or sites to help you then I would expect 4 to 12 months to really start going.

Final tip:

With your first client see how long it takes you to get them where you want them.

From then on add a least a month to the timescale. I say to all my clients give me 2 months but then surprise them after 3 to 5 weeks with the results. They love that kind of thing :)


<edit> Removed price, started getting emails lol - I was answering a question not advertising myself. I don't take on other peoples sites. I build my own web sites around the SE's so no emails please, it doesn't work that way :)

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11:29 pm on Dec 18, 2003 (gmt 0)

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sky7 i think the fact that you are asking questions like how much time?, it seems to me that you are not experience enough to be able to charge for your services..
10:13 pm on Dec 24, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Hi Sky7,
For what it's worth, this is what I am doing...

I've done website development for several years now so had an brief understanding of SEO. At the beginning of this year (2003 bearing mind its almost 2004 now) I started investigating quite heavily indepth SEO. Now I feel it is a service I would like to expand on and offer my clients so...

I have started doing SEO work for a handful of customers (and friends) completely free of charge and getting number 1 and 2 ranks for them all. In return all I have asked of them is that they provide references and allow me to use them as reference sites. Obviously all were happy with this.

Not only has this allowed me to build up a portfolio, but it also allowed me to get a very clear understanding of the work involved to allow me to calculate how much to charge.

Ofcourse, I do have the added benefit of other forms of income so I can do things like this without worrying about charging for it - others may not be in that situation. However, you will be hard pressed to get SEO work without being able to show creditable references.

- Ozzy

8:05 pm on Jan 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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> 1. HOW MUCH TO CHARGE for a site with the medium competence keywords?
I don't know what is medium for you, but it's hard work, and a good SEO will charge a lot.

> 2. HOW MUCH TIME does it usually take to provide good results?
(2-3 months? more?)
for my last project it took six months

> 3. What is the usual maintenance fee? (a month)
most of the time the same amount of work is needed to stay top as to get to the top