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Are You designer or coder?

Are 99% of people here coders, not designers?



12:10 am on Jun 21, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Am I right in thinking that 99% of people who participate in the forums here at Webmasterworld are coders (hand-coders at that), and are not designers?
The reason I ask is because I recently participated in a thread about Pixelsurgeon.com, and literally everyone in there was slagging off their design - yet they are one of the biggest success stories of the web-design portal world. Every other site Board I have seen on the 'net that has spoken about Pixelsurgeon has almost always had mostly positive things to say about Pixelsurgeon, so I was just wondering why Webmasterworld is so different. Admittedly, as I am a designer and not a coder, I do tend to visit the design-boards, and not the coder-boards.
12:50 pm on July 2, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Another "plus-point" for WYSIWYGing is that it's just so much faster...

Exactly. Without a WYSIWYG authoring tool, there's no way I could produce and maintain an editorial site of more than 2,500 pages all by myself. Hand coding of Web pages is fine if that's your hobby, if you're a contract coder who's being paid by the hour, or if you can afford to trade productivity for payroll expense. Otherwise, it makes about as much sense as hand-coding PostScript files.

1:13 pm on July 2, 2002 (gmt 0)

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hand coding does not mean typing every tag in by hand...it simply means using ones own library of mark up rather than relying on what is programmed into a WYSIWYG...given that it means the mark up used has already been tested it actually saves time after a while

I have no objection to anyone building a site any way they like...but please...just because you find a WYSIWYG to be faster don't assume that everyone else is the same...after all even with a WYSIWYG the amount of time spent actually generating mark up is a tiny part of the process...or at least it should be

12:27 am on July 4, 2002 (gmt 0)

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im not against any WYSIWYG tools out there, it all helps us in creating sites. even if you are a strict "old school" and would prefer hand coding, using such tool would be a great help for you.

But ... it does not mean that we would not correct if there's an error as it generates the codes. it does not give us an alibi that our site is created with the best WYSIWYG tool and there would be no errors in it.

Assuming ... that there is a Perfect WYSIWYG tool, that could generate a site which is viewable with all browsers in the world ... could you imagine how would its code look like? ... hmmmm ...

And that is when ... Internet Standards came into the picture ...

back to the question again ...

"designer needs code to publish the design (ur WYSIWG tool do this for us), and coder needs a design (in ur head ... imagination is better that knowledge - a. einstein) to be able to write ur code."

Hopefully this sum up and end the debate of the theory of relativity between code/r and design/er.


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