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Code Libraries and Editors

Courtesy of your local text editor

5:19 pm on Aug 27, 2002 (gmt 0)

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I've got myself one of these text editors that have code libraries and an interface that pretty much relies on the way you want to copy and paste the code you use. For me, this is excellent- and "feels" like a good way to systematically make a web page without problems of validation and such.

If I can sort things into a methodical order then they'll be none of that cut/paste>other program>check out WebmasterWorld with 100 other windows open of thing ;)

This is what I have for a bare-bones setup after fiddling around with the program.

1) A page template for HTML include doctype,title tags, and 4 meta tags.
2) Connect to a mySQL database PHP script snippet
3) 3 template PHP scripts to output some mySQL data
4) All the HTML tags you can shake a stick at

This will pretty much do me for a whole site......well....an easy way to manage one site and build upon easily.

For me, this sort of editor rocks. None of that messy stuff importing and exporting data....when virtually anything can be imported and saved for later reference at the click of a button.

Suffice to say- a code library will be my mission for the next day or two to-

1) Avoid typing in the same code first and foremost. Also lessen the chance of typos in the code
2) Write down the order of making a webpage (for a particular site or large part of a site) and create a code library that illustrates this process top-down...and accessible at the click of a button
3) Sort out what is fluff and what's not fluff. When one size fits all make sure the size is extra-small. :) Ever went through your code and noticed things that don't need to be there? I'll most likely be deleting all white space in the code and putting the finished code all on the same line (for each code snippet).
4) Stop all that information overload business. If I can slide in a wee rant about the more 'pure WYSIWYGs'; its that the same options are dotted all over the place and it gives you a choice to do the same thing in different places. For me, this slows things down- would i be quicker right clicking or moving up to the taskbar...etc etc :)

Personally, I'll find it tough using a text editor as opposed to the WYSIWYG, and I'll no doubt have to preview things a bit when sorting out my new libraries.

But I gather some of you literally have thousands of code snippets ready to pounce on demand. I suppose in the end, if you have a setup like that- it must be nice to wave the new codes in and not make your choice of editor look dated.

So I'd be very interested in the wise words of WebmasterWorld and code libraries. How do you go about your business "building with bricks" of code to make a website ? :)

10:08 am on Aug 28, 2002 (gmt 0)

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I've got a standard template page that contains a lot of what I regularly need...so I start from there...working in html 4 doesn't require vast amounts of mark up though

what I know I won't need from the template goes before I start...when I've put the basics together the rest of the surplus gets snipped

most of the action is in the stylesheet...I have a huge "starter" style sheet that has most of my favourite styles in it...I tend to have that open alongside the new one and cut and paste in whatever I want

9:04 pm on Aug 30, 2002 (gmt 0)

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i was only using ultraedit and i discovered a free tool
scite : [scintilla.org...]

free, light and and customisable.. and the option to use "Abbreviations" .. so it will be cool for you ;)


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