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NetFlip Listing to Save on GoTo?

Have I outsmarted myself?

12:47 pm on Jun 4, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I have search terms, including some pretty popular search terms, on GoTo. For many of these search terms I am paying 30-50c/click (usually for high, but not top, positions).

When I noticed that my results were appearing near the top on NetFlip, I figured it made more sense to hit a 2c NetFlip listing and maybe get fewer NetFlip pass-throughs from GoTo. Even if they hit me twice, I figured it might be worth it for 2c (my visitor value is, let's say, 50c).

Well, from Friday through Sunday, two of my search terms took about 1,000 hits with no change in my click-through numbers from that page. My click-through went from 70% (this page is new and has little traffic, only about 100 visitors/day--the GoTo ones are sent to a different page, which also has a steady 70%ish click-through internally on 1,000-1,500 visitors/day) to <10% (same 70 click-throughs, but much more apparently bogus traffic with it).

I do not know much about how proxies might be doing this, or why they would go to so much work to make maybe $20 in three days. I'm just annoyed, and pulled those two listings at NetFlip. I did also write NetFlip, and if they respond I will let this forum know about the response.

The tracker I have on this page just shows the last 20 visitors by address, but they include places like "proxy2-external.ftwyn.in.home.com," "spider-wi034.proxy.aol.com," and "proxy.wre.adelphia.net." Actually the spider-w____.proxy.aol.com seems to be an especially popular one.

Can any of you tell what is going on, or is NetFlip just totally useless?


10:08 pm on June 4, 2001 (gmt 0)

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This is the response, with names and terms purged to protect the (not so?) innocent. The response basically is "preposterous--us make a mistake and overcharge you--never. It doesn't matter if you have data showing the results of thousands of visitors--it's you that must be wrong, not us":

I am not sure what your bid amounts are or if you have advertised on an
incentive based site before. We do have several security measures in place
(listed below). I am not sure what your measurements are based on either. We
cannot guarantee click results. Some sites do extremely well in the NetFlip
search engine while others do not. One thing to be aware of is if any of
your key words are the same as our front page listings such as the key word
you mentioned "xxxxxxxxxx". Our front page key words receive a large portion of
clicks. This is sometime typical in the CPC search engine market. If you
have any documentation of files where you have found the same person
clicking over and over please feel free to send that to us. Any data you
have that we can use to look for matches always helps. Will you send me your
log in information and I will look at your account.

NetFlip Search Engine Security measures & Features:
* Only NetFlip members that log in can perform searches through our search

Merchants do not get charged.
1. When their account is overdue, balance <0 and account is not on invoice
2. When the listing is not ACTIVE
3. When last member click < 20 sec
4. When last time clicked on this merchant <3 days

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5:20 pm on June 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Well, now that I pulled those two terms, a couple of days later another one all of a sudden started getting a bunch of bogus hits.

I consider this to be a $100 learning experience. I will NOT be back to NetFlip.

For the record, since some people have offered their opinions on this. I have tried several PPCs, and the only two that seem to have been worth my time and money have been GoTo and FindWhat.

None of the others have been as obviously abusive as NetFlip--they just have hardly gotten me enough visitors to be worth the time.


6:12 pm on June 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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That is a learning experience many have had.
Thanks Mike for sharing but let's stop this thread here please.

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