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IMHO Google has gone too far

secret rules only hurt the little guys

11:48 pm on Sep 7, 2002 (gmt 0)

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When I first began using Google I thought it was great because it picked up sites that the bigger engines didn't and presented them in far better order of relevance. So here was a search engine for The People.

So now it's fall 2002...and Google's become not just one of the Big Guys, seems to me like it's become a monster bully.

I've stopped using them as a search engine for the simple reason that my favorite sites seem to have disappeared, only to be replaced by (for lack of a better term) "bubba sites" -- along with the now-intensive plastering of text-based ads. (and then head on over to yahoo, or lycos, or whatever...same EXACT results...geeeez)

After reading these forums for awhile and reading the usenet discussions, it seems unpardonable TO IT'S USERS that Google would so callously just dump sites without warning and have some sort of secret code book of rules that we're all just supposed to guess at...

This is WHY people hire SEO experts...and now those who felt helpless to understand the OLD rules are floating out there in never never land because they got banned or reduced because now there are NEW RULES. Should businesses hire new SEOs?? What if they change the rules again???

I'm not a site owner, I'm a web developer...and researcher...and writer. I "work" the web for a variety of reasons, mostly to get reference material for whatever code or subject I'm working on. These last few weeks have been miserable insofar as getting the usual good results of my searches. And yes, I KNOW how to search.

But I finally connected the dots!

Google is definitely going downhill because they've forgotten who put them where they are today! Just when us developers are seeing the light at the end of the browser war tunnel, suddenly we NOW have to intuit the GOOGLE coding rules...and develop a new site that adheres to it...huh??? It reminds me of government regulation...big business love it because it shoves the little guy out.

Has anyone at Google wondered what all their rule changing/banning/reducing is doing to USERS?? Or do they only care that their precious secret "ranking algorithym" remains undecipherable to the average joe?

Does anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?? I think The People need a new search engine!

3:12 am on Sept 9, 2002 (gmt 0)

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> The Library of Congress probably doesn't have much of anything on Ms. Spears. Is it deficient?


3:25 am on Sept 9, 2002 (gmt 0)

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The one point I would second is deejay's which is that most people on this forum are not typical users...

There isn't anyone whom I can disagree with, but I'll add my chime.

Obviously from the quote, we know how to use google. We use quotes, we use more specific words, we use the words in a certain order or proximity, and we probably spell Britney Spears correctly. Because we know how it works.

The average user outnumbers us by many order of magnitude. (I'm also not saying that the average user doesn't know how to use google perfectly, just that there are a lot that don't, probably including myself) And I think google has taken this into account. Kudos to google, however, for those who know how to use it. It's a matter of education. You can't please everyone. Google does have to make a living.

6:01 am on Sept 9, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Ms Spears probably will be in the Library of Congress one day, if she proves in time to do anything significant over a longer period of time.

Google, quite rightly, is a barometer (though of course imperfect) of popular culture. It indexes what is popular at this point of time (and a few months back).

You can be in and out of google like a rat up and out of a drainpipe. Your exposure is determined by current trends (and also whims an fancies). Thats not a criticism, for Google is also contemporary, up to date, and can target niches well. None of my searches in Google ever has come up with Spears, but thats not what Im looking for.

When you are in the Library of Congress you are there forever. It takes longer to get cred for the LOC - they are just different animals.

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