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Damage control after possible ban

How do I best deal with a possible ban, and neighborhood (same IP)?

11:43 am on Sep 12, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I think there's a good chance one of the sites I'm hosting on a reseller account (all sites on same IP) has been banned by google. Business name (very unique, only about 5 hits in google) sometimes shows up in index, but usually doesn't. I took over the hosting of another site from the same company, and one of their subcompanies (different name, totally different sector) has a domain parked somewhere which points to a directory in their main site.

The site has been on my hosting for about four months now but has only recently been redone, and gotten its first links.

I hadn't really thought much about this as a potential problem. I think the biggest problem came when one of their designers got some links to the site, and re-designed so the parked domain no longer links to pages in this directory on their main site, but uses a frame that grabs the page from this directory - so the page on the parked domain is just an empty frame with the content coming from this directory on their site that I'm hosting.

I'm wondering what the appropriate measures are in this case. It's not such a big deal in that no real link development has occurred for this domain, and maybe I could just advise the client to buy the businessname.country domain and let the businessname.com fall. I just bought a cheap hosting package for the client so I can transfer this directory to a completely different hosting company / server once I can get the domain name transferred. What about their main business domain name, and the other sites that are on this same IP? Are we in danger of now being considered a 'bad neighborhood' or is it likely that our IP will be dealt with differently / more critically / punished in future google results? (none of the other sites are really active yet, but there are domain names on it that I certainly want to keep).

Am I overreacting? Is it really likely that the domain name got banned for this practice? (I guess it's looking like a 'doorway page')? Or if I just put all files in a 'normal style' directory is it likely to be ok?

10:22 pm on Sept 12, 2004 (gmt 0)

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sorry for the off-topic.
just a russian joke :)

Dialog at Citizen Defence Lecture:
- What are you to do after nuclear attack?
- You definitely have to pack yourself into cotton-sheet, and crawl slowly to the graveyard.
- But why slowly?
- To avoid panic.


i'm not sure that site is banned.
if it was so, it should be just removed from index.

11:21 pm on Sept 12, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Thx Aaz7, the sheet's no problem, but the nearest cemetery is a few kilometres away. Still, I'm only half-panicking. And happy it's not my url, even if I've just been given the task of doing something about it (after it may already be too late).

It may indeed be 'sandboxed' and not banned, but a previous design has been on the web for about two years, iirc, so not even seeing the business name come up in results, not to mention other unique stuff, is enough to get me looking for that cotton sheet.