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Which one is better?

10:58 am on Jun 11, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Hi there,

Regarding to the last year Google OOP, there where discussions about what factors had the biggest negative impact on the SERP.

One of them was the way you use anchor text on links. It was said that to improve your rankings you shouldn’t have exactly the same anchor text on links as in the title of the page you are linking to.

Is this still the case?

If not, which is the best way to do it?
a. Link anchor text: "delicious small blue widgets" on Page title: "blue widgets"
b. Link anchor text "blue widgets" on Page title "delicious small blue widgets"

Any experienced suggestions are appreciated


6:43 am on Jun 12, 2004 (gmt 0)

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It probably depends most on the strategy you are after.
A short title might go against generic competition, but a specific anchor text would help those surfers who are looking for just that.

An additional advantage is having a short title means you don't spread out the value among many words, though again it does have it's limits.

Why not just create a few pages with short titles each having the task of pulling in people for that specific search like this:

index page: Delicious small blue widgets
page a: Blue widgets
page b: Small widgets
page c: Small blue widgets
page d: Delicious widgets
page e: Delicious blue widgets
page f: Delicious small widgets

Then link to each page throughout the site with proper anchor text.

6:46 am on Jun 12, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I agree with Bobby. Each page would then pull in searches for that keyword phrase.
3:02 pm on Jun 13, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Thanks guys,

I'm not sure I put the question the right way.

1. Is it a fact that you will get penalized if you have exactly the same text in a link as in the title on the page you are linking to.?

2. I agree with your strategy Bobby, but if u isolate it just to one of those pages. How should the link look like if it cant be the same as the title?

Link anchor text: "delicious small blue widgets" to Page with title: "blue widgets"
Link anchor text "blue widgets" to Page with title "delicious small blue widgets"

Appreciate your answer.


4:01 pm on Jun 13, 2004 (gmt 0)

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It was said that to improve your rankings you shouldn’t have exactly the same anchor text on links as in the title of the page you are linking to.

Now...I have seen stuff like this floating around and I haven't made sense of it yet.

If I am creating a site about loacal restaurants, and I want to write an article about asian cuisine. I link to "O'Brians Chinese Restautant". Are you saying that it's a bad thing to use the business name as the anchor text because it's likely that it's also the title of their website.

There would be a penalty for such a thing, or no?

I can't believe that there would be a penalty for using the title of a site as the anhcor text. That's very much a standard practice. I assume that this "penalty" is a misnomer or misunderstanding.

Saying "not an advantage" would be better? That it would be better to use key words as anchor text for other reasons?

This I understand and believe.

9:43 pm on Jun 13, 2004 (gmt 0)

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At the end of last year Google made a change in their algo. The result was dramatic and many sites disappeared from the top of the SERPs. It was said that it was an OOP(over optimization penalty).

The discussions that went on during the next months indicated that pages that had exactly the same title as the links that were pointing to them were the ones that were hit extra hard.

My question was, is this a fact?

If it is, then how should you design the link and titels from the examples I made above?


10:16 am on Jun 14, 2004 (gmt 0)

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In all honesty I don't think there is anyone who can say for sure what Google does, not even GoogleGuy for that matter. I'd even guess that the guys programming the algorithm probably are surprised at times by what comes out of the index.

In any case I think we can make a few basic assumptions.

a.) Google is trying to weed out "spam" from their data base, or try to discourage the use of certain optimization techniques.

b.) Links TO a website still play an important role in determining PR and probably where pages appear for certain searches.

c.) Anchor text throughout a site AND from different sites will be used to determine what the site is about.

Ok, so here's my guess.

Links with the exact same title from within the site probably have little significance, or are counted as just one link.

Links from outside the site (external links) with exact title probably count significantly as they could not penalize your site because others decided to link to it. If so then your competitors could simply establish lots of domains with different IP addresses and use them to shoot you down.

The idea of NOT using exact phrases that match the title while linking is probably the best idea in that it *appears* to be a natural link and not one that was agreed upon by webmasters.

For example, if your page title is "delicious small blue widgets" you may find some people who link to you (naturally) with just that phrase, but you would probably find lots of others linking to you with things like If you'd like to know more about great tasting widgets click here.

I'd also suggest that the sites linking to you would be seen as more relevant NOT because of their PR but because of their own titles and word density if it is similar to yours.

12:24 pm on Jun 14, 2004 (gmt 0)

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thanks for for your answer. I'll try out some diffrent angels and see what happens.