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The Hit list - resubbing to who ?

8:00 am on Oct 15, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I've been bugged by this for a while, so i thought i would bring it to feet of the members.

wisenut, fast, google and now AV, resubbing not necessary, as their crawls are significant and regular.

however, Lycos, hotbot, ink, anzwers (global) are a point of confusion, if i sub to lycos, immediate crawl and some say it can have an effect with ink, but does it have an effect with FAST, positive - don't care, detrimental of course i do. then their is hotbot.co.uk and anzwers, which one, or should i resub to both, for the benefit of themselves and ink.

Then their is DH, NL and excite, believe it or not excite have been sniffing around with 6 crawlers, though just alittle more than url verification, hence is it necessary to resub to these ?

So in conclusion - who to resub too.

Google - No
Fast - No
AV - No
Wisenut - No
Lycos - ?
Excite - ?
DH - ?
Anzwers - ?
NL - ?

Please give your opinion on what you think works best, and add any engines that you feel are worth it.

Hence i will be using the general consensus, as the resubmission policy.

8:05 pm on Oct 15, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I would not worry about NL. I have a top ranking for a keyword but get just one or 2 clicks once in a while.
9:54 pm on Oct 15, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Google - Most of us like to let Google "find us", but I've never had a problem submitting a new site to them. I rarely try to submit individual pages.
Fast - Yes, I think so. New pages I tend to let it find me. New sites I submit.
AV - Pot luck. I've sure you've read the recent thread "hands up" in the AV forum. That said, I had an entire new site crawled last week - we'll see.
Wisenut - I can't see the point. Get a directory listing and some links. Then let it find you.
Lycos - (bang head against wall). No one that really knows is willing to share. I've been submitting stuff lately, but I can't see that it has had an effect.
Excite - Ten thousand comedians standing in unemployment lines, and you are trying to be funny?
DH - A few have said yes. I've never seen one shred of remote miniscule evidence that submitting to dh is anything but a waste of bandwidth on your site.
Anzwers - no go there, but Goo is a go.
NL - Yes, sprinkle it with a few pages here and there. It will munch what it finds tasty.

And the growing question mark that is a growing concern, is Teoma. If you have seen some of the traffic that AJ can send, I think Teoma is big time watcher. It's an important engine to get into. If and when they "turn on the tap" to Jeeves, you want to be there. It could be traffic city for awhile.