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is this cloaking, or a problem?

5:54 am on Nov 24, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I'm still confused about whether this is cloaking.

My host allows me 4 domains and lots of subdomains.
But I have 9 domain names.

So 5 of my domains, bought through GoDaddy, are forwarded to either old freewebs sites, or a subdomain.

For those 5 sites, when people search on my searchphrase, my site comes up with the freewebs address (or subdomain) listed, not the paid domain name.

I read that GoDaddy now does their masking for free. So I went into GoDaddy to see if I should use masking. GoDaddy masking prompts me for a title, description and keyword Meta tags in the fields provided.

Why are those fields necessary? Isn't Google going to spider my site any more? Is it going to use the GoDaddy details instead of the metatags on my site?

Is GoDaddy masking something I should do?

I understand I cannot update the GoDaddy nameservers with my paid host nameservers, as I have already used up my allotment of 4 names.

I would love to fix this, as it looks so unprofessional having a freewebs address appear under my site.

9:28 pm on Nov 27, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Cloaking: Delivering one version of a page to one visitor and another version to others.
Clearly, this is not cloaking, more likely your site is appearing in a frame GoDaddy adds.

Probably best to ask GoDaddy what you need to do to fix it.

used up my allotment of 4 names
I'm not familiar with GoDaddy, but it sounds like it's gonna cost ya! ;)
8:28 am on Nov 28, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I tested it, and got an answer.

I used the Godaddy forwarding, and you're right - it put it into a frame.


That stopped all the direct page accesses from working.
I can no longer click my links form my index page - they go to a blank page.

So I went back in to Godaddy, and undid the masking.

Now it says my URL is parked for free at Godaddy.

Big warning everybody - do not use masking at Godaddy unless your site uses frames.


2:56 pm on Nov 28, 2003 (gmt 0)

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It's back to normal now, so the free-parking sign must have only been while they were updating.

But I've learnt, forwarding is ok, but masking is not.


10:31 pm on Dec 30, 2003 (gmt 0)

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> Is GoDaddy masking something I should do?

I've been using GoDaddy for some time now. Masking works just fine for me.

The only difference between forwarding without masking, and forwarding with masking is that your URL displays correctly in the address bar. In other words, instead of it reading geocities.com/username it will read myurl.com, even though the page presented is from the geocities site.

I'm pretty sure frames are not involved with GoDaddy masking. So, why your links were messed up I haven't a clue. I've never experienced that problem at all.