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Ask UK TV advert - works for my wife!

But will it work for the rest of us?

4:02 pm on Oct 19, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I came across a new TV ad for AJ UK last night on one of the main terrestrial channels.

The gist of it was - man laying a new carpet in his living room manages to trap the family dog underneath it and heck shouldve called the professionals - or at least ASKed for advice. Its pretty funny and my wife actually wanted to know who AJ are and what they do etc. Its a very appealing ad and will probably do some good for AJ UK if it gets sufficient coverage.

Not sure if this is the start of a new high level ad campaign at least in the UK but lets face it - funny ads do work.

Ive never really had much time for Ask given the reliance on big spenders on their pages in the UK. One of my competitors used to dominate virtually half the page. Now things have changed with a new layout, no sky scrapers and more of what I think are Teoma listings.

Before I dive in I would appreciate your help on these queries:

1) Are the bulk of the UK results now Teoma? or is the backfill shared?

2) I see adwords on the .com version but again presumably the US backfill is Teoma also?

3) I know AJ is a niche engine that works well in certain sectors (like mine) but once you PFI how do you optimize sufficiently to get yourself in the top 20? My sites are Ink + Google friendly but are there any useful tips on Teoma to get ahead?

Any advice much appreciated.



11:46 am on Oct 20, 2003 (gmt 0)

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1&2 Teoma (which is owned by Ask) do provide the backfill for both .co.uk and .com Jeeves.

3 - Not sure on this one, what seems to work for Google, Ink seems to work for Teoma. I would guess the search terms tend to be a bit longer in Ask and more questioned orientated - after all that is how it is marketed!

So it mightbe worth optimize pages for questions from the first person prespective eg Where Do I Find a Forum for Webmasters?

Pure speculation on this though.

PS - I like the advert too - poor dog :(

8:56 am on Oct 31, 2003 (gmt 0)

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How about the add with the family laying on the beach with umbrealla when big plane flies very close over them to land in the nearby airport? Husband: don't ask!

This one's quite funny too.


6:45 pm on Nov 1, 2003 (gmt 0)

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1) 100% teoma / obviously with regional filtering.

2) 100% teoma

3) If you can opto for G and Ink, then teoma should be a breeze, get some very tight fitting related links too your site that are high ranking in T. PFI the pages then your ranks should be somewhat compareable to your G and Ink rankings.

Yep AJ has a few adds running at the moment in the UK, and not sure if they are also doing the same in the U.S. nobody has said. I'm glad its having an effect.


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