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Poor ranking on Teoma

Site ranking low on Teoma as compared to other search engines



10:10 am on Sep 25, 2002 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

The site in my profile ranks 16 on Google, 16 on Overture, 11 on ATW, 7 on Wisenut for its main two keyword search term.

However on Teoma it only appears at 72.

What are the main differences in their ranking methodology as compared to other search engines?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


9:03 pm on Sep 25, 2002 (gmt 0)

I was #1 in teoma and now I am #12.

I am #1 or #2 in all the other important search engines.

Since I rank search engines, by how well they
display my results, I give teoma on my self centered ranking a thumbs down.

Good thing teoma is second tier.


8:15 am on Sep 27, 2002 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

I have a similar self-centered view in how i rank Teoma (and other SEs), but i also give credit to how Teoma and others rank my competitors:

As in this example:

I have a high ranking on Google and All the Web (Fast) and WiseNut (within the top 3), and GigaBlast.

My major competitors: X, Y and Z and W rank -- within a reasonable range, high on Google and "All the Web" and WiseNut (at least 3 of the 4 are right above or just below me).

On Teoma I don't rank in the top 3. One of my competitors is there in the top 3, but I and the others are not, though we are not -- any of us much behind the top 3.

So - if I and most of my competitors who rank on all the other true SEs rank high, but not on Teoma ... what does that say?

Could say Teoma has something really special going; but more likely, Teoma doesn't know what it is doing.

I'm self centered. I choose "Teoma doesn't know what it is doing." BUT I also say that based on examination of the sites Teoma does rank high for my business/keywords. The top 2-3 sites on Teoma results for most keywords related to my business are pitiful. Just not there. And, yes I know, I am prejudiced.

But really, they have not got it yet. But not too far off, but far enough ... they don't count, yet.


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