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4:02 pm on Oct 22, 2000 (gmt 0)

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(Fade in: Place de la Concorde on a bleak Sunday morning. Muffled drums rolling. Huge mass of people facing speaker. Zoom in.)

­- Français, Belges, Suisse! Où êtes-vous?
-­ Ici, ici!
-­ Deutsche, Österreicher, Schweizer! Sind Sie hier?
-­ Jawohl! Yodelahoheee!
­- Gli Italiani, gli svizzeri! Dove sono voi?
-­ Siamo arrivato!
­- Españoles! Está ustedes aquí?
-­ Presente!
­- Portugese. Onde estão você?
-­ Aqui!
-­ Dansker! Hvor er I?
­- Her for fanden!
­- Ola Nordmann! Hvor er du?
-­ På tur! Det er søndag.
­- Finns. Are you here?
­- Kyllä!
­- English, Scots, Welsh, Irish! Are you there?
­- (Mooning) Who does this guy think he is? Bleedin' Churchill? Aw, lets go to our own place. [webmasterworld.com]
­- Poles, Russians, Dutch, Flems, Greek, Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Hear me!
­- Oh, OK.
­- There are 100 million of us on the net right now.
-­ Raaaaaahhh!
­- 250.000 more join every day.
-­ Raaaaaahhh! Raaaaaahhh!
- Soon we will outnumber the Americans!
- Raaaaaahhh! Raaaaaahhh! Raaaaaahhh!
- Is it not time to show them that there is a world out there?
­- Yaaaaaaaaah!
-­ With hundreds of popular search engines?
­- Yaaaaaaaaah!
­- I am asking you. Is Paris a village in Tennessee? Is London a town in Connecticut? Is Rome a place in Georgia?
-­ Noooooooooooo! Noooooooooooo! Noooooooooooo!
­- Well, they are actually. But do we give a sh*t?
-­ Nooooooo!
­- Do we believe that 90 percent of all searching goes through a dozen American engines?
-­ Nooooooo! Hell no! Jamais! I helvete heller!
-­ Shall we tell them the real truth?
-­ Yaaaaaaaah!
­- Shall we help them into our search engines?
­- If they pay through their noses for translations and expert advise?
-­ Hoooooraaaaay! Hoooooraaaaay!
-­ Forty languages are spoken in Europe. How many of you know them all?
- (Silence)
-­ Do we need each other to get a handle on things over here?
-­ Yaaaaaaaah!
­- Then, here's is how we do it: Let us bring to this forum all our knowledge and what we can gather from friends and local media - however tiny these pieces of intelligence may be. Let us publish it all right here, under one discussion for each country.
-­ Yaaaaaaaah!
­- We all need to know what search engines and directories there are in Europe. We all need to know which are the important ones in each country and which ones we can safely ignore. We all need to know their rules for submission. And if they accept non-local domains. We all need to know how they rank pages. We all need to know if a local business is needed to register a site locally. We all need names and addresses to web translators and local experts. Everybody needs everything.
-­ Raaaah! Raaaah! Raaaah!
­- Do not worry if your English is not perfect. Just put "Automatically translated by AltaVista" at the bottom of every message.
-­ Hooooraay!
­- Let us make this the European Search Engine Knowledgebase that the world will marvel at! United we stand, divided we fall!
-­ Raaaah! Raaaah! Raaaah! Raaaah! Raaaah! Raaaah!

(Camera pans ecstatic crowd. Slow fade out.)