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German PPC's

Cyfind and Qualigo/Suchtreffer

9:58 am on Nov 23, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi all,

I recently emailed Cyfind.de to request some information about their PPC service, such as minimum bid, partners etc and got the following reply:
"Not interested, thanks"

Just wondering are they a PPC or have i been misinformed?

I also emailed the suchtreffer.de site and got information back about qualigo. so I'm presuming they've merged or something, not sure if this is well known or not. Anyway, heres some info about Qualigo, for anyone interested:
First some key metrics of QualiGO in brief:

Number of customers: about 1,100 accounts registered
Number of paid links: more than 300,000 search terms with a bid more than
0.01 Euro
QualiGO an his affiliate partner generate ca. 13 Mio search queries per
month. At the beginning of next year we will sign two additional affiliate
deals which will increase our search volume up to ca. 40 Mio queries a
the minimum bid is 0.01 Euro

QualiGO is the first an ppc search engine in germany and currently the one
with the greatest media reach

QualiGO is the exclusive licencee for internet search of the awarded search
technologie from Eurospider (Zurich, CH). This enables QualiGO to offer
vertical search engines to special interest portals. We can also provide a
complete search engine and not only paid links to an partner (e.g.

10:06 am on Nov 23, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Espotting is launching in Germany next month and has partnered with Lycos and HotBot Germany. Overture launches in early next year. Having spoken to several SEOs in Germany last week, they didn't seem that impressed with Qualigo although many were using it.
11:48 am on Nov 23, 2001 (gmt 0)

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>didn't seem that impressed with Qualigo
Qualigo lacks reach. None of the big or even medium engines and portals display qualigo listings. Lycos network partners with Espotting, Altavista goes for Overture, T-Online is expected to develop a programme themselfes. We will see if Qualigo will be able to profit from the explosion of PPC in Germany. There are some minor Engines left they could possibly team up with.

Cyfind is a PPC engine. They started out with some expensive advertising but have since not gained any visibility in the German SE landscape.

My guess is both will get blown out of competition by the Overture and Espotting.

12:22 pm on Nov 29, 2001 (gmt 0)

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eSpottingīs results īll appear in Germany on Lycos.de, Hotbot.de and Fireball.de (all from the Lycos-Network). It starts on monday, the 3rd. As I heard today is the min-bid EUR 0,20! (about $ 0,25 or Ģ 0,11) I really donīt think that many SEOs are going to use it, because itīs too expensive.

I wonder what the min-bid īll be at Overture.

2:07 pm on Nov 29, 2001 (gmt 0)

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>min-bid EUR 0,20!
Fine, that will leave many searches unaffected, I believe.
But then, with Lycos and Fireball it gives real reach.

Espotting.de still is under construction

Another thing: Lycos.de submit still promotes webwurld/webgravity. Which in turn are Espotting partners. Which in turn are partnering with Kanodle for Lycos/Alltheweb [webmasterworld.com]. What a mess...