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European surfing habits differ a lot from American.

Read all about it.

2:09 pm on Jan 24, 2001 (gmt 0)

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The following is a compilation of data for November, published by Nielsen/NetRatings. It shows surfing patterns for certain European countries with a US comparison. (Asia-Pacific and Latin America can be found on their homepage.)

per month
per site
per month
Mins. per
Mins. per
Denmark 12 16 18:35 4:52:20 24:33 00:36
Finland 11 15 19:04 4:36:59 25:43 00:39
France 14 16 23:13 6:10:17 27:02 00:42
Germany 16 25 19:19 8:05:44 30:01 00:37
Ireland 9 16 15:28 4:13:34 29:17 00:49
Italy 12 16 21:35 5:53:20 30:35 00:42
Netherlands 14 20 19:15 6:28:33 27:09 00:43
Norway 13 17 20:07 5:32:58 25:45 00:37
Sweden 12 12 27:06 5:10:04 26:05 00:37
United Kingdom 11 16 18:51 5:10:02 28:59 00:46
USA 18 10 59:57 9:42:02 32:21 00:51

There are some interesting differences here worth noting. Americans and Germans take a clear lead in both sessions and hours per month and Germans visit more sites than any other. American spend more time on each page. The average session is the same everywhere, around half an hour. The really big thing is that Americans spend 2-3 times more time per site than Europeans. Shopping pattern?

1:03 pm on Jan 25, 2001 (gmt 0)

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The majority of americans pay a flat access fee per month. The majority of Europeans pay-by-the minute don't they? Aka: the meter is running.

That difference will change your surfing habits in a heart beat. I know when I'm "on the clock", I get hurried and don't read as close as I should. I'm surprised the differences aren't more dramatic.


1:22 pm on Jan 25, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Slightly on topic, I heard a new bulletin on the radio the other day here in Australia stating that for the first time Americans were not the most number of visitors to Australian sites, the Germans were. Interesting.

Don't know any other details or sources though, I was driving at the time.


4:35 pm on Jan 25, 2001 (gmt 0)

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<<The majority of Europeans pay-by-the minute don't they?>>

Yes, thatīs the case in Germany .
There were a few companies trying to sell flat-rates to the users, but due to the dumping-prices of t-online (germans biggest provider) they went bankrupt. They tried to sell for about $50 - $100 a month...not enough to survive.

So we have to pay per minute or to surf at work...;-)

5:06 pm on Jan 25, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Down here in South America we face the same problem except through phone-line charges. Access rate is a flat fee but you have to pay by-the-minute on local phone calls. DSL and Cable is starting to grow in the big cities but that is still taking some time.

I think about half of the traffic comes from Internet Kiosks that charge abou $2.00 U$S per hour.

5:20 pm on Jan 25, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Paying by minute used to be/still is the thing here in Denmark, but great initiatives are starting to grow.
Cabel will be big here, and the provider I use at home offers flat rate at around $25 a month including an ok level of traffic.
Furthermore they just offered both internet and phone (free domestic calls) on the same cable at $30 all included.

That will rocket our online spending time :)