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Booted from YPN today

for bad quality traffic - I disagree

9:02 pm on Jun 16, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I got an email from Y! politiely booting me from YPN due to poor quality traffic. I've been in YPN since August 2005, and my traffic is almost all US, and about 80% from Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. Nothing has changed with the traffic since August. I wrote back to see if they'd discuss with me - I'll let y'all know if they reply. Gotta go switch all those YPN pages back to Adsense now....
7:50 pm on Aug 1, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I'm failry ignorant about YPN and have only a basic understanding of Adsense for that matter, but why would Yahoo hold you responsible for "bad traffic" or a "lack of traffic" for PPC advertising (YPN is a copy of Adsense if I'm not worng which I may be) except in the case of click fraud?

That is, what is lost by Yahoo or advertisiers by a lack of traffic on your site if it displays their ads? If no one visits, no one clicks, and if no one clicks, no one pays. Or am I missing something?

Regarding the quality of the traffic, isn't it their (Yahoo's) responsibility to better target their ads given your site's content? Additionally, I don't understand how Yahoo could even reliably measure what actually converts. I have some experience with Adwords and if an ad is peforming badly, the adjustments need to be made at my end, negative keywords, better keywords, changing our own pricing structure or even the site itself, or even closing the ad, not Google's. Google has no idea whether the traffic it sends us via its clicks convert, only we know that. We're the only one privy to our internal stats. Google's job is over the moment someone clicks it's ad and they arrive at my site. Does YPN not work this way?

This post is not a complaint or a challenge or an insinuation that someone is ignorant as I'm probably the ignorant party, it's just a plea for crarification becuase I truly don't understand what's going on with Yahoo or have the slightest idea why these seeming non-issues are so important as far as Yahoo is concerned that it is booting people from its program.

BTW, when are they coming out of the Beta? Does anyone expect they will they be booting underperformers from that as well? I don't have a YPN account, but based on Adsense 1,000 per day uniques generally yields $20 to $40 USD depending upon the site.

Too many questions... my apologies!

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