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linux help ??

11:25 am on Mar 16, 2001 (gmt 0)

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(1). I want to run servlets on my linux server I have
asked my administrator to install tomcat in our linux
server. How can we run our servlets on this tomcat. I
havent worked on servlets before and how can we make
the DSN for our database with the servlets. Can we
make from the ensim control panel.

(2). Whenever I want to add IP based site. I made one
user name "jolly". "Jolly" folder is made by default.
Whenever "jolly" ftp files to server its file to
public_html we are not able to view the page because
ensmim control panel make httpd/html and the default
publishing directory. How can we change this
publishing directory.

(3). How can we check the system configuration from
ensim control panel or from the DOS promt.

2:32 pm on Mar 16, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I'm stepping out on a limb but:

>>>can we make
the DSN for our database

Probably better get the tech to set up your database or get them to set you up on a phpMyAdmin system.

>>>Whenever "jolly" ftp files to server its file to
public_html we are not able to view the page

That is common. Try backing up two levels out of the "user" folder and find the "web" folder...that might help.

>>>check the system configuration

One way to get the absolute path is to telnet into the account and type "pwd". The path to perl and sendmail type "which perl" or "whereis sendmail" Another is to run one of the server config variable type scripts available at HotScripts or CgiResourceIndex.


12:17 pm on Mar 17, 2001 (gmt 0)

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re 1)

How you configure apache (or tomcat) depends on your linux distribution, I nomally use apachecfg to do it.

re 2) Default apache config installs a "web folder" (usually /var/www) under which you need all the files, or a link to them.

Direcories, and other things are specified in the configuration files (/etc/apache/*.conf) and should be changed there (this might break your linux distribution's autoconfiguration/installation)

re 3) I dont know what you mean by "ensim control panel", and there's no "dos prompt" in linux, only a shell (same thing with a different name).

I think there's a cgi-script somewhere that'll tell you the current configuration of apache, read the excellent docu that comes with apache.

Same goes for tomcat/cocoon