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Monitor Cable

blurry edges

5:35 pm on Feb 23, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I have an old monitor - Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 91TXM.

For years I used a HD15 to 5BNC [images.google.com] cable (note: it's not extension cable). It was slowly wearing off at the edge of the connector. Yesterday it finally broke.

I got a new cable. It's difficult to find HD15 to 5BNC cable in stores. I checked 5 stores and none of them had it. I just got a regular HD15 to HD15 cable.

Now all the images look a bit blurry on the edges. It looks like a double shadow from an object. It's especially noticabe on the desktop icons.

I've heard this could be a problem with a cable. It can get some interference or something.

  • Do you think if I get HD15 to 5BNC it will back to normal?
  • Do you think if I get another HD15 to HD15 cable it will get better?
  • Are there any settings to tweak?
4:22 pm on Feb 24, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Does your monitor cable have those little filters? I've looked around all over and can't find the technical name for it, but they help cancel out the antenna like effect of the cable.

Also, if there are speakers close to the monitor that aren't shileded they can cause the picture to distort. Try moving electronics away from the monitor and see if that helps.

Tried Degaussing the screen? You can degauss by more than just using the function on the monitor. Google search "monitor degausser" for more information and some products that might help.

Hope SOMETHING here helps!

10:24 pm on Feb 24, 2005 (gmt 0)

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According to the specs your monitor supports a video bandwidth of 180 MHz. Maybe you just bought a cheap cable which doesn't support such a high bandwidth. You could lower the vertical frequency and see if the quality improves. If this is the case, it is certainly a cable bandwidth problem.

Test with a dark square on a white surface. Is one side red and the other blue, or are the sides just grey and look unsharp? Color shift might be caused by your new cable. Color shift can be corrected on some larger monitors, but I don't know if your monitor supports it. If the edges are grey and not colored red or blue, it is most likely the cable quality. A ferrite ring as mentioned before might not help in that case because it is an extra dampening filter.

Also did you reposition your monitor after connecting the new cable? We used 20/21" Hewlett Packard monitors ns in the past and when turning the monitor we had to readjust the compensation because of another direction of the earth magnetic field.

10:31 am on Feb 25, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Blurred edges are caused by stray capacitance in the cable. It effectively reduces the bandwidth (by making the vertical edges of the video signal slope and rounding its corners).

A couple of solutions which might help:

1) keep the cable as short as possible
2) if you have unused conductors solder them together at ONE end of the lead and earth them.
3) buy a better lead!