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Using Flash and Php to manipulate uploaded images

flash, image cropping, uploading images to flash

9:28 pm on Apr 10, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I'm wondering if anyone in the forum could comment on using flash and php together to upload images and manipulate them based on input from end user.

On our web site we will have an image upload (we are thinking of using php script to simply upload an image to a directory on the server).

We want to then load the image into a flash movie to allow the user to manipulate the image. We want them to be able to rotate the image, zoom, and crop the image for printing.

Once the user has manipulated the image we want to be able to then save the manipulated image to the server based on how they changed it. We were thinking that we could pass those variables from flash to php to achieve the cropping, rotation, and zoom. However, were not to sure how this would work or if it is the best method to do so.

A good example of this (not sure what they are doing on the backend) is [serversidegraphics.com...] click the demo to see how you can upload a picture to create a custom credit card.

We would like to do this same thing but for a different product.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help.

4:57 pm on Apr 21, 2006 (gmt 0)

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We are basically doing a project like this right now.....

We are not using php but the concept is the same....Upload image, do manipulations in flash, save those manipulations to the server for viewing/using later......

Our solution relies heavily on xml as the data transport between the server and flash....

You can build the flash app to start up with a configuration xml file. You can include any an all information that you need to get the app up and running. Image location...etc..background image..

We include the entire gui setup in the xml file...but we have a pre-existing framework for this and have become more complex over time.

You can easily just have the image name in the xml file that is in the initial setup.

Load your xml as the first step...

Parse out your image name from the xml..

Load your image and place it. I suggest creating a custom MovieClip Object for this work as you can take advantage of all of the movie clip methods..

Next, setup a set of controls for operating on your ImageMovieClipObject...such as setting the crop space or setting the scale..via percentage.

Add a save button, have the save button grab the new attributes of the ImageMovieClip Object and submit them via a post to your processing php script..

I know that this is very bland overview but let me know what I can clarify.