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flashmx2004 preloader....please help!

preloader mx2004

7:13 pm on Mar 15, 2004 (gmt 0)

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First off, thanks in advance for any assistance!

I am currently using FlashMX2004 and am attempting to create a preloader for a movie banner. My movie only has two key frames with a number of layers...the first keyframe, houses a layer with the preloader movie, and the second keyframes, hold movie clips of a number of other things.
So, I went and tried to study a tutorial at Sitepoint.....

and created my flash preloader using all the info there. His code, has a ' in it that is wrong, so don't try and cut and paste it. If you check it out, you'll see what I mean. But even after realizing that, the preloader, just causes a strobe effect on my screen. preloader/movie snapshot/preloader/movie snapshot....and that continues super fast.

The preloader doesn't extend, the numbers don't show up, all i see is the bar i created, and then instantaneously, i see a quick movie blurb.

So, that didn't work. So I went and purchased a book on it. Russel Chun's Visual QuickPro Guide FlashMX2004. Needless to say, everything I have done in here is not working either. I am desperate, please help me. I have a banner, that needs a preloader, and I have spent 50 hours trying to figure it out. If you could even just direct me to a quality tutorial, I would be exstatic!

Here is the file if anyone wants to download and check it out, with the AS put in from the SitePoint Tutorial:


Thanks in advance!


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2:56 pm on Mar 17, 2004 (gmt 0)

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have you created a movie clip within the main movie as your preloader, or have you just put the code on the first keyframe?

when i create preloaders, i use 3 frames.

frame 1 - put all the graphics for the preloader on it (using layers if you want) and start
create a rectangular block and make it a movie clip (to be used as your loading bar), give it an instance name of 'loadingbar'. Make sure the reference point of the movieclip is on the lefthand edge.
set loadingbar xscale to 0

frame 2 - nothing

frame 3 - check if loading is done using getBytesLoaded and getBytesTotal
- if loaded, goto frame 4 (or wherever your main movie starts) and play
- if not loaded, change loadingbar xscale to the percentage of the movie thats loaded and gotoAndPlay frame 2

this will keep checking your movie, once it's loaded it will play the main movie.

you can use this as a movieclip within the main movie and use the right paths to start your main movie clip.

Hope that helps.

9:48 pm on Mar 17, 2004 (gmt 0)

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GOT IT....Thanks!