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Scrolling Text and Images FlashMX 2004 HELP ME PLEASE

How to scroll text and images in FlashMX 2004

3:44 am on Mar 30, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Hello everyone. I am new at this ...
This is my first post!

I know some flash but apparently not enough to make anything scroll.

It used to be so easy in previous flash versions...

I need to put all of the text and picture(s) of this webpage: <snip> into a flash movie that is 900x400.

So you see, I have very little vertical space, and I want all this info to be inside flash... so I need to be able to type all that in there, drop in a few pictures, and allow people to scroll up and down the information. Just like any other html webpage.

I dont know what to do... I cannot find a single thing on the net that wokrs! PLEASE somebody help me!

[I'd also like to be able to make my own scroll
buttons, but I won't get picky... ;) ]

Thank you everyone!

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12:21 am on Apr 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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so, no one knows? :(
4:25 pm on Apr 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Welcome to Webmaster World!

One way to accomplish this would be to use the ScrollPane component.

Step 1
Put all your text and images ( ie. all the scrolling content ) into a movie clip symbol.

Once that is complete right click that symbol in the Library(F11) and select Properties. If a Linkage section does not show up click the Advanced button. In the Linkage section click the Export for ActionScript box and in the Identifier textfield that becomes available put something like "myContentClip" or similar without the quotes.

Step 2
Open the Components panel and drag a ScrollPane component to the stage where you want it to be displayed. Resize(Q) to fit.

Select the component on the stage and in the Properties Inspector give an instance name (eg. myScrollBlock).

Then select the Parameters tab. Insert the linkage identifier from your content movie clip into the contentPath section without quotes.
At this time you could further refine the scroll parameters for the component. ie. horizontal/ vertical scroll rules, how many lines to scroll when a scroll button is clicked, etc.

This should just about do it. Export to test.
If you have any other questions feel free to post them! :)


9:05 pm on Apr 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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You are my brand new hero! # 1 :D

I did everything VERBATIM as you said and it works! It works! It finally works!
I've been searching for weeeeeeks! Thank you so!

Thank you!


Would you mind if I asked you two more questions?

1. is there the possibility of using my own scroll
bar (it's two buttons i made [up and down] )?

2. the content in the scroll pane appears at the very
edge on the left side, is there a way to center
it within the scroll pane (like Padding would
do in a cell in regular html)?

oh, and is there a way to get rid of the black
outline of the scroll pane?


even if there's no way to do the above, I am SET!

(can you tell i'me excited?!?!?! )


thank you so,

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