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Robin Nobles Interview with Alta Vista

Interesting Article featured in Planet Ocean

9:15 pm on Jul 6, 2000 (gmt 0)

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In the lastest addition of the Planet Ocean newsletter they have an interview with AV. AV was asked many questions a few of which I listed below -

"would sites that utilize site maps be kicked out of the index?"

"Should site maps not be submitted?"

"Some companies have servers on both the east and west coasts that are mirrors of each other for traffic distribution. Should they block AV from one of them in case its spider decides to index the mirror site?"

"What is the maximum number of pages from a site that we can submit a day?"

"What is AV's definition of a "doorway page"?"

"Does AltaVista honor the robots.txt standard?

"...some brand new domains that have never been used before have received the "too many URLs" message. Is this a bug?"

"What exactly does it mean when we receive a "too many URLs" message?"

Are you ready for AV's answers? Well if you were your going to be disappointed. AV had the same answer for every question asked - "...the information you've requested is confidential."

I think this is one of the most ridiculous things that I've seen. How can AV, which claims %95 of submission are spam, expect us to work with them to eliminate spam if they won't even tell us what they consider spam?

3:24 pm on July 7, 2000 (gmt 0)

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It really shows you what search engines think of us. I get so irritated when people go on these long ethical debates about se promotion. Some people feel there is grand line in the sand that they won't cross - yet look at how the se's treat us.

Alta, bans sites left and right. Google uses our content (hey, it is always nice when you can show a half billion pages of other peoples content from your site). Inktomi sticks its head in the sand a pretends we don't exist hiding behind its 'partners'.

And we are suppose to hold our behavior up for review by the Pope? It just baffles me how anyone who has been in SEO more than a year can continue to wax poetic about some perceive ethical search engine behavior.


9:03 pm on July 7, 2000 (gmt 0)

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I am so glad you posted this! I have long thought that the search engines treated their bread and butter - us - like dirt. I realize that it is free advertising for us for the most part and I don't usually complain, but lately it has gotten even worse and it really ticks me off!

It's not like they are doing this as a public service. I'm sure you all know how lucrative this SE business can be. As I scanned the results in Inktomi today I marveled at the huge amount of spam that hits the top 50 spots for nearly every search term, yet supposedly these tactics are not allowed. Well someone sure as hell is doing it and it's beating the rest of us into the ground.

I don't mind a challenge, in fact, I enjoy discovering the little things that will get our pages into the top of the search results. What I do mind is when there seems to be NO rhyme or reason to any of it. They won't tell us what/if we're doing something wrong so that we can correct it and stay within their guidelines and still get listed decently.

The results I've been seeing lately are blatant spam and usually these pages lead to insignificant banner farm pages that lend nothing to the integrity of the web. The average surfer must be sick to death of irrelevant search results at nearly every turn. I know I am!

As I said before, I do realize that running a business on the web was made significantly less expensive by being able to "advertise" free via the search engines. What, did they just discover this and now we're being made to pay for it? ;) Or is it just a case of getting too big for their respective britches and things have gotten out of hand? I just wish they'd get their acts together and do something coherant for a change.


1:31 pm on July 8, 2000 (gmt 0)

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>It just baffles me how anyone who has been in seo more than a year can continue to wax poetic about some perceive ethical search engine behavior.

Exactly the point of starting the thread -the ethics of a search RETURN PAGE [webmasterworld.com]. I've tackled your "baffled" comment there.