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AV & Pay For Listing

Confused... or possibly mislead?

11:41 pm on Feb 8, 2001 (gmt 0)

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You submit your site direct to Looksmart, pay the $$, get accepted and eventually appear in the LS stable of SE's.

You submit the same site to AV via their free submit. AV is not interested in what you did over at LS, and your site sits in the AV queue like every other free submission.

But if your paid submission to Looksmart is done via the AV facility, are you saying that this is a fast track into AV? Is this what you mean when referring to paid listings in AV?

All I see on the Express page on AV is "Your site is automatically submitted to the AltaVista Search index"... no fast tracking mentioned or implied.... no indication that AV treats it differently from a free submit.

If fast tracking does happen, and Looksmart still processes the submission as if was direct to them, then why would you even think about using the direct submission to LS?

Pay the dollars via AV and get both AV and LS. Pay the same dollars direct to LS and get LS only? No contest...

Surely this can't be right... can it? There is something in this scenario that doesn't add up... what have I missed?

Is it the same story over at Excite?

12:02 am on Feb 9, 2001 (gmt 0)

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ok...here it goes...

The Looksmart submission is the same no matter where the form is filled out (av, excite or looksmart). The only real difference is that if you fill it out at excite or av they will get a cut of the profits......

The main benefit from a looksmart submission is going to be a MSN listing, with traffic from looksmart.com coming in second with about 1/3 of the msn traffic.

AV's relationship with Looksmart is mostly hype from my experience. You will be included in the directory on AV's homepage (although the traffic is minimal) Also, AV does spider looksmart's listings but you won't get a boost in your AV listings (except perhaps a small boost to link popularity).

Overall I think the looksmart paid submission is worth it, but its not becuase of AV its becuase of MSN.

PS - when you do the LS submission I would recommend using a page built specifically for MSN otherwise your homepage will be stuck with the LS title/description.

5:10 am on Feb 9, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Thanks seth

It was people's perception that they were in some way paying for a listing in AV that was confusing me (and others I suspect)

By paying the Express fee to LS via the AV facility they might, or might not, appear in the drill down DIRECTORY which is just some of the LS sites anyway. And AV says "thanks for the commission!"

They are not being entered into the main AV databse at all and have to wait their turn just like everyone else.

So there is no such thing as paid submissions to AV... correct?

6:34 am on Feb 9, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi Aust, that's correct, not yet. We're all waiting to see what AV's gonna do...it's possible and likely that they ARE going to implement some form of paid submissions, maybe ala inktomi. For now, it's LS for the directory, and GoTo for sponsored sites...and the AV database is free, but they're not updating as regularly or frequently as they used to.

da wong query

6:50 pm on Feb 9, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I think they've been better about updating lately... again I just think they've been working out bugs internally... i haven't dropped in ranking since the last update so I can't complain yet...

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