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...meanwhile in the UK

5:39 pm on Apr 29, 2000 (gmt 0)

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AV UK has updated.
4 doorways (I have framed site) and my domain name root- GONE!..but as my ISP has allowed access using mydomain.btinternet.co.uk/anypage (previously it was /~etc and a .com to boot, which was less than helpful)I'd submitted that address as well. Virtually every page is included and a "sub page" price-list. In addition one of the 6 (at the time it was spidered)Buddy links Pages. Unlike a problem which Brett is giving some thought to where INK listed a BL page with a description, borrowed from somewhere else, there is no decription other than the first link detail- interesting it only did page 5- so what about the other 5?

So where does this all fit into the AV trends???

Just had a thought- a rare event...What is the possibility that the spider is reading the ISP host address and not the domain namewhich is forwarded ?? The domain name is hosted by Netnames and forwared to BTinternet

8:51 am on June 8, 2000 (gmt 0)

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How well are you guys in the uk doing at getting uk domains listed in Alta here state side? I've had several people tell me that they've gotten indexed in the us db for the first time in over a year.

Alta has gotten far better recently at spotting and dealing with redirects. I finally got rid of all the old pages from the ISP site here in the last 60 days in alta. Inktomi is another story - they continue to insist this domain lives back at the isp. (google sorta does too).

8:10 am on June 11, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Hi Brett
I've been a bit buried in work for the last two weeks (all those new clients finding me because of LinksPop due to BL) GRIN! I had never been too fussed about getting into the US based SE's on the basis that the nature of my biz is a UK based service and not global sales. That said, it seemed that at the start of the year it was easier to get into AV.com when submitting to AV.UK than getting into AV.UK. I think most people on this side of the pond would agree that AV.UK has improved with regard to the results it returns. As an example in January, on one KW 90+ pages were the same site. I emailed AV and suggested that this totally devalued AV as a usable SE- Prompt personal response and a wad of pages within a few days removed and it now behaving "sensibly".

The UK filtered DB of Ink is another issue- the two stage submission system where sites show up prior to getting into the main DB is a bit of a downer- when one day your No.1 and the next your not even there.

What never seems to amaze me is the small but significant number of people who find my site from the litlle known SE's/directories........and who then use my services, which is after all what it's all about.

11:59 am on June 11, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Hi Brett, I've noticed a change in AV patterns. Six month ago it was easier to get into av.com That has changed and AV uk has spidered and indexed faster than av.com in recent months. Havng said that, av.uk did not seem to add much data to it's uk db prior to that. I tried for eight months to get a .uk site into the uk index. Finally, it is in. It was already in the av.com db.
Things are looking up.
Nice to hear you're back, videoman!
10:41 pm on June 15, 2000 (gmt 0)

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AV UK really is pulling it's finger out. I submitted a new site (com) into UK and their follow-up US this week. Four days later the index page is #1 the sitemap #3 and the top 30 riddled with the individual pages. Not indexed on AV.com
2:03 pm on June 17, 2000 (gmt 0)

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This can get a bit embarassing.
There is obviously no correlation between AV com and AV uk

AV com has listed one of a couple of similar sites well on 1 key phrase for some time. Site b]-with shopping cart and doorway pages - isn't listed for that phrase (within the top 30)

Just checked on AV uk and there are only 2 in the first 20 that belong to other sites, {site a] has 4 of the top 6, the rest are site b},
3 that are BL member links pages and
# 21-30 that are the 10 BL pages belonging to site b]

9:33 am on June 30, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Some sites that I submitted to av.com that are undisputedly for the UK (but they're .net) have been put through to av.co.uk and are now nowhere to be seen on av.com. It took about three weeks in the case of my last submission to get into .com and then be transferred to av.co.uk. To me, that says they are really on the ball.
Funnily enough, this started happening just after I mentioned on searchengineforum.com that I only submit to av.com and the results filter through to av.co.uk anyway.
I suppose this means the rumours that UK sites are going to be confined to av.co.uk are more than just rumours.
BTW, I have .co.uk sites in AV.com that are arguably for a global audience and they've been left alone.

Since AV settled down I haven't had any probs getting .co.uk sites in there. I started doing SEO when AV were dropping pages like crazy, so I wasn't too impressed with it, but now I quite like it. But it's taken a year for some people to get in? Ouch!


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