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With PFI - how do you define what is a paid URL?

Will spider past the?= do you pay again for translations?

3:00 pm on May 19, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Hi All,

Seriously - if a client has translations in multiple languages, what do you think is fair? Anyone already had a determination on this?

ie Should a PFI (eg Inktomi/ FAST/ Altavista etc ) Search engine charge their eg $US15 - $US39 per url, per each where the url is:

and another $US15 - $US39 for
and another $US15 - $US39 for
and another $US15 - $US39 for

Or should it be $US15 - $US39 for that 'page' (ie including all translations? - ie up to the?) Anyone have a hard answer - cause I haven't got one yet. Please feel free to sticky me.

This will make an incredible difference when you want to submit either '50' pages or '500' (if you count the translations!) - and I just think some of these guys are getting pretty greedy!

Any experience/ previous determination of this?

Thanks in Advance
Best regards


6:41 pm on May 20, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I think you'll get stuck paying for each unique URL, which means you'll pay for each language.
6:52 pm on May 20, 2003 (gmt 0)


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I think the model is pretty straight forward $x per page. It would be beneficial to us to have the "every language for the page" to be included in the cost but it doesn't really make sense for the company offering it.

1 page = $x
500 pages = 500*$x

They do offer some pricing variations for large amounts of pages. If you have a lot of pages to submit and want to spend the money then give them a call and I am sure they would love to help you spend it.

ROI is always the deciding factor for me. PFI allows me to switch pages based on performance, seasons, whatever I want.

As far as spidering past the "?", I have never had any problems with the ones I've used. They have been more reliable than "you know who" in spidering dynamic content.

12:54 pm on May 24, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Thanks guys,

Jatar_K - you won't believe this - I also asked an er... 'Prominent reseller' of Paid Inclusion services - this same question.

They emailed me back, gave me a little lesson on SEO101 from about 1999, and said that Spiders can't crawl past the? (on their paid inclusions?) so it wasn't fair that they take my money - but they had a great PPC product if I was interested!.

About 20 years ago, we used to say:
Q. Whats the difference between a used car salesman and a Personal Computer salesman?
A. The used car salesman knows when he is lying....

Could probnably update that for search engines, couldn't we!