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XML Feed to Ink/Alta/Teoma/FAST

What do we need to submit to do this?

4:46 am on Mar 24, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Hello all,

I've been reading with interest some posts about the XML feed to major engines Inktomi, AltaVista, Teoma/Ask and FAST/Lycos that is administered by various providers (I'll not post company names).

In this post:


Makemetop (a senior member) mentions that you need the following for a "Feed:"

A feed is:

A properly constructed title
A properly constructed description
A list of about 6 keyword phrases
An 150 word description of the page content
The URL to be spidered
The URL you wish to track through
The URL you wish to have displayed

The real question from my perspective is this:

Is this feed actually reading a page at all, or is it simply taking the information provided and creating "spider food" and then forwarding the user to the page that they should see? The list of keyword phrases and the 150-word description would suggest that no real page is involved except that dynamically generated content.

On the other hand, the "URL to be spidered" suggests that a page IS actually crawled.

Anyone have experience with this?

Also, if I may describe a situation and possibly get some insight there, it would be appreciated:

We want to use the XML feed for a client that has a great number of pages. However, we currently use our own proprietary tracking application to show them what's going on with their campaign.

So what we have is:

Page A (the client's actual web page, to which the human user should always be directed.

Page B (a specific URL of a site on our server that allows us to track traffic/referrers and that automatically forwards to Page A, the client's actual page)

Page C (the actual content that normal spiders see)

Yes - you see what I'm getting at here (cloaking - but only for the purposes of tracking traffic with a reliable redirect).

Going back to the original question, do we need "Page C" at all, or just the forwarding URL? Will the company admistering the "XML" or "Trusted Feed" take care of "Page C" - i.e. - what the spiders see?

As always, I hope that made sense.

Thanks in advance for any insight you may have.


1:03 am on Mar 27, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Canton ... Is this feed actually reading a page at all, or is it simply taking the information provided and creating "spider food" and then forwarding the user to the page that they should see?

Yes and no from my understanding of the process. The intention of Trusted Feed is to help spiders and engines get content from underground sites or dynamic content pages that the spiders would not be able to discern reliability of content.

The great thing is that the buy in cost is much lower than the direct submit services that co.'s like PT offer. Say you have 350 pages you want guaranteed inclusion on and under Direct Submit you would pay 39.00 + 25.00 for each URL so 39 + [25 x (350-1)] = x. WOW thats a lot of cash. ($8764.00 to be exact)

Now under trusted feed deal you get .25 a click. Which is more manageable and allows you to list all 350 pages without the burden of reupping nearly 9000 bucks each year.

So that is the cost issue, pretty reasonable considering other companys I have spoken to who are resellers of PositionTech's services (a reseller themselves, making these guys re-re-sellers) are charging up to .80 cents a click for the same thing with a 25,000 click minimum contract with thousands in setup fees and deposits.

Now the technical end in short ... the XML feed is very basically an XML type summary of your page that says "this" is what "thispage.html" represents. It is not spam or neccesarily spiderrfood like material, it is an accurate reflection of what your site or page is. Secondly, the engine the feed is going to still applies it's unique placement algo to your page, so you still have to optimize.

This is by no means a short0cut or "easy way out" of optimizing, but gives you a good refresh and a slight edge on the competition.

Rember life is made in little victories.

Hope this helps.