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A long running Google Giggle burst

5:10 am on Jun 25, 2017 (gmt 0)

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A long running giggle I've been having went pure ROLMAO recently.

Way back when I first began publishing a lot of folks were on dialup modems so first connection to render speed optimisation has been a priority from the get go. As broadband became more standard the urge to slack off was niggling away until the iPhone sparked the current mobile computer revolution. In good part because of that scratchy modem memory I test to a slower than typical connection, currently 3G with it's ~600ms network overhead, and work to optimise everything else.
Note: the major reason I switched to HTTPS/2 last summer was for it's speed jump.

Whatever, my pages load fast, smooth, and clean. Except, especially on mobile, AdSense. Remember all that prior Google FUD about ads above the fold aka first browser viewport? I didn't have any for the simple reason that ~97% of the time the mobile site visitor had scrolled past before ad render even began. On 3G! Whenever I do a page speed test, AdSense is the laggard by a huge margin so that above stat wasn't a surprise. A disappointment, not a surprise.

So, I read or listened, for years, to some Googler tell us webdevs to speed things up for visitors while they themselves were/are consistently late to the game. And so I chortled and said rude crude things under my breath. Until recently when I was contacted to discuss how I could increase my AdSense revenue.

First suggestion was to increase the number of pages with AdSense.
They were shocked when told that they didn't pay anywhere near what my direct advertisers did so not gonna happen.

Second suggestion was to increase the number of ads on a page.
They were shocked when told that their ads weren't of sufficient quality (appearance, appropriateness, relevance, revenue (see next)) to justify adding more ad blocks.
They were shocked when told that adding more ad blocks would dilute the higher than otherwise returns associated with advertiser whitelisting.

Third suggestion was to move to or add AMP.
They were shocked when told that if my sites were already loading faster than their ads...
They were shocked when told that I had no interest in third party content hosting outside of limited targeted marketing...

Fourth (fading but game) suggestion was to add Custom Search, to get that extra AdSense kick at the can.
They were shocked when told that it wasn't as good a search option as already have.
They were shocked when I reiterated my answer to suggestion two.

At this point I asked a very simple question... had they actually looked at the site we were discussing?
The conversation ended shortly thereafter, politely.


Google's data points are missing a few edges...
10:13 pm on June 25, 2017 (gmt 0)

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Agreed, Adsense is always the slowest loading component on any of my pages, and the only thing that fails the PageSpeed metrics.